Monday, March 3, 2008
My sister, Amy, brought back a traditional Thai outfit for Lucy from her trip to Thailand and Cambodia nearly 9 months ago. I have been patiently waiting for the day Lucy would fit into it. The day arrived at last. They just don't come any cuter than our Lucy Girl. I can hardly stand it.

Thank you, to those of you who gave me your thoughts/advice on house buying. We definitely have some things to ponder. (Especially concerning what Kristyn said...) We are still up in the air on exactly where we are going to move, but after getting pretty serious about that home in Daybreak, and talking with loan officers, etc. we have realized (yet again) that we have to sell our condo before we make any serious offers. We could keep our Park City condo and rent it would be doable. But we are choosing to wait until we get this place sold once and for all. If you know of anyone wanting a darling two bed, two bath condo here, let us know! The moral of the story is: Don't LOOK at homes and find one that you like until you are totally READY to buy. No more Craigslist, no more for me until we get an offer on our condo.
The only thing about losing out on that house is that it had a separate entrance into the basement from the garage. (A full set of cement stairs in the garage leading to a private door in the basement). That is exactly what I want for my dance/vocal studio that we will be putting in the basement. That way, people won't have to come through the house. There's gotta be more homes like that out there. We shall see!

Other happenings around here:
Vic and I are book-a-holics. We are both addicted to reading these days. One of my very favorite things that Vic does for me is read to me at night. I am trying to wean myself off of my sleeping pills, and his voice lulls me to sleep every night. We are currently reading "Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale. She also wrote "The Princess Academy"; both which I highly recommend.

That's it for now folks. We'll be posting photos of our trip next week. Life is good. We are blessed.


  1. Shannon Hale! I've heard such good things about her books. She was in my sorority in college. I didn't really know her very well, but my good friends are good friends with her. I really need to read her stuff. Thanks for the reminder to do it!

  2. what a sweet little angel girl you have! goodluck with the condo sale (Trevor says he wishes we could buy it from you!) & all the *big decisions* that come after that!

  3. Shannon Hale was in that girl's sorority? That's so cool. Well, I am so pleased that I got cited as being helpful in this post! Real estate is one of the BIGGEST investments you make and thus makes it crucial. I have one more thing to add if I can, which house will accrue in equity faster? That is probably the biggest q I'm always trying to figure out when debating between two.

    I saw your comment on my blog. The guy's name is Randy Pausch. Try You Tubing it and seeing the whole Oprah episode. He was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it all. (Does he remind you a little bit of Steve Carell? Voice, coloring. Maybe just me.) I'm glad you could watch it for FHE, what a great idea!

  4. Oh, darling Thai outfit! Did you know I have been to Thailand too? Such an amazing, beautiful place. And you're right, that Lucy is nearly the cutest thing on the planet. I wouldn't be able to take it either!
    I also am turning into a book-a-holic. I recently got into a book club, and it's so much fun to read different people's book picks each month. Always something I might not have read otherwise, but always good. I just finished "These is My Words" by Nancy E. Turner. SUCH an awesome love story. Be sure to key me in on any good reads you have finished.

  5. I was happy to find your blog. I love it. You are such a cute little family.


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