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Thursday, March 20, 2008
You know how being an adult can really bite sometimes? (Responsibilities up the ying yang). I've decided that one of the greatest pay offs God created was that we get to eat whatever we want, whenever we want, and as much as we want. Sometimes, that's enough for me.

Vic and I celebrated Date Night last Friday here at home. We put Lucy to bed, made a cozy nest on the floor, and settled in for a viewing of "Premonition". Good flick. No one was there to tell us we were eating too much ice cream or too much chocolate or too many expensive strawberries.



  1. soooooooooooooooo true.

    So wise, grasshopper.

  2. Problem is, I eat like that WAY too often these days.

    Vic looks EXACTLY like Lucy in that picture!! His smile or something--along with the angle of the camera. Seriously.

  3. I agree with Amy . . . with both comments. And if we can eat whatever why want, why do add so much guilt at the end of it?

  4. I wish I was as little as you so I could eat whatever I wanted! But no luck. We are going to plan a game night at our place one of these coming weekends. Hope you guys can come!

  5. Yummy. Sounds nice. Okay, I'm so glad you left a post on my blog!!! Perhaps now we will be better friends again since we'll know what's going on with each other :). And yes, I was talking about you (missing my friends!). Talk soon!!

  6. You can eat as much as you want- my butt. :) I have thought the same thing. I am sure Allie thinks that all the time ("Just wait until I'm an adult..."). I remember thinking as a kid that when I grew up and had money I would go to the store and buy all the candy and chocolate I wanted. No one ever told me that when I became an adult and had the money to do it that there would be another voice in my ahead that said "You really don't need that. Do you want you hind end to look like... etc." and that voice is stronger and more annoying than my mother's.


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