Winter Wrap Up

Thursday, March 27, 2008
Even though it is SNOWING today. (AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!) I wanted to BID FAREWELL to winter and do a little photo wrap up. Despite the record amounts of snow, we've had a fun winter. From Peter Pan to Christmas parties, branch parties, birthday parties, babysitting, traveling, swimming...we've been busy and happy. Here are a few photos I didn't include in any of my blog entries this winter, but wanted to share and document for memories sake. Enjoy!


  1. Cute pics Molly! I am so glad winter is over. I have had enough. But now that the snow is melting all we can see is the dirt in our yard and I know we have to do landscaping.

    I amtotally up for the girls night idea. Let me know when you're ready and I'm there! We should go to Red Rock and a chick flick or something.

  2. Hey- when are you guys going to escape the snow and come see us?

  3. who is the little boy with THE EYES in the red shirt? your nephew??? I like the one of MOlly and LUsy with the pouty mouths! cute cute...well lots of cute ones! Lucy and the pinata for example...and wow...her hair is LONG down her back!

  4. Do you still see Justin sometimes? What's he up to?


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