And We're Back

Friday, March 14, 2008
It was exhausting.

The weather was perfection.

We have wonderful friends.


Day #1-
The Flight. She did aight.

Day #2-
A Sunburn is Born.

Yes, that's the ocean behind his Alma Mater. Sucks to go to Law School there.

Oh, wait, that's the mountains on the other side. So ugly.

Day #3-
D-land Madness

The burn burnin'

Ever head of the "Casting Couch"? Are you kidding me? Phillip A. Couch Casting Agency?? (Fill up a couch). Right there in Disneyland.

Day #4 &5-
The Helltel Experience. I mean, Hotel.

Day #6-
Zuma Beach. She fears the sand.

And on Day #7, God rested. (but there probably wasn't 5 ft. of snow).


  1. come see us in Vegas! We'll take you to a strip show! Just kidding. But we can take you to see Spamalot starring Rob Moffat, Jeff Mclean, and Aaron Dejesus. don't worry, Aaron was just cast as Patsy, one of the leads. Rough life for him.

  2. what great pictures, what a GORGEOUS family, what a fun getaway...i'm glad you guys had such a great time! California dreamin'...

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....You're not makin' Boston look so good in the winter.

  4. Two trips to so-cal in a month!?!? You lucky duck!! One as a swingin' single and the other with the certainly live a charmed life :)

  5. Oh my gosh! Your killing me Molly, I am so tired of winter. I have fond memories of the ocean and sand and sunburns. Well, not sunburns but yes, sun shine and water. Looks like you really had fun. good.
    Love Mom

  6. Your trip looks so fun. I would give anything for some sunshine right now!

  7. hey, we just went to disneyland, too. i think we were there the week before you guys, but now i feel so much closer to you since we just spent time in the same place even though it wasn't at the same time... :)

    and ya, that beach and those mountains are so ugly. must have been rough for vic.

  8. It was nice to see the two of you, good pictures.

  9. what a fun trip. so glad you guys have that memory together. long, relaxing vacations like that are always so what the doctor's ordered, no matter what time of year. even more so during a full on winter with that much snow. yuck. i'm sorry, but i am very glad i'm not trampsing through that right now.

  10. Molly!! I found your blog via Britany G. How are you doing? Chi-town is wonderful! Law school is hard... anyway, I am going to link to your blog! Ours is I hope all is well!

  11. What a fab trip! Glad you escaped the snow for a bit. If it would help you could send your snow to us. We could melt it right up for you! How do you do Easter with all the snow? Jenny

  12. Oh my goodness!! How fun! I can't believe how old Lucy is getting..she's a darling girl!

    So I miss you my friend!

  13. owww!! It hurts me to look at the beautiful beach! I want to be there!! must have looked at my blog literally seconds after I posted it because I posted and then read it, and when I got to the end I realized that I hadn't tagged a couple of people that I wanted to. So like 30 seconds later, it was changed. Nice timing!
    So you're in charge on Friday?? Fun for you! We'll be there! Do you need any help with anything?

  14. Ok, you HAVE to quit posting about trips to sunny California. I can't stand it anymore! I'm freezing here on the East Coast! This trip looks like too much fun. You guys are awesome.


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