A Year Ago This Week...

Sunday, February 3, 2008
February Films #3-

If that looks like a lot of snow (last year)...Check this out:

This is more snow than Park City has seen in 8 yrs. And it KEEPS COMING. Lucky for me, my friend Cathy is flying me to L.A. in two weeks! I can't wait to go running on the beach and see some grass! Though, I do love my new Italian Designer ski wear coat from Conte of Florence.
It's a $400 coat that I got for a STEAL. Vic suggested that I sleep with it next to my pillow, I love it that much.


  1. I hear you about the snow. I have had just about enough if it. I got stuck in the driveway trying to go to church this morning, and had to shovel my walks in my high heals. Yuck!

  2. Ok, if you all think hid and seek in this snow would be fun you are right.They're were paths shoveled out to the doors and across deep
    Did you go sledding after we left? Daddy needs to pull her again.
    Love mom, marlene

  3. Um, ya... that is a LOT of snow! How does Lucy like it this year?

  4. Nolly, Molly, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!? are you saying...this is NOW? who dug the walkway for you? this is CR- Azy. that would be ker- a- zyyyyyyyyyyy. I never. get packed. go to California. asap.

  5. HOLY COW! And I thought we had a lot out here in Tooele!

  6. We always loved the snow... maybe because we never had to shovel our way out of it. A blizzard in Brooklyn doesn't hurt the subways much but it did make our noisy street absolutely quiet, for one day anyway! Come visit us next! Jenny

  7. Your snow is nuts. Your coat looks great on you. Lucy is adorable. I loved the movie. I can't get over the snow....we just got home from boating. Todd was wakeboarding. Don't get me wrong...the water is cold...I didn't jump in, but its a whole different world that THAT!


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