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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
February Films #6-

Cousin Luke and Lucy... Over a year ago.
My, how they've grown.

P.S. I got together with some of my very favorite people in the world last night. We had an absolute ball catching up on life, reminiscing, laughing, and just being together like old times. These are some of my very closest friends in the world, and I treasure their friendship. Kyler is a Foreign Service Officer and is currently working in Jerusalem. When he told us he was going to be in town we jumped on the chance to get together. Three of us (Kyler, myself, and my dad) had either just had birthdays, or were going to in the coming days. Even more reason to celebrate and eat chocolate! We got together at seven and were still at the restaurant (Red Rock) at 10:30. These are some of the most talented, funny, genuine people you will ever meet. What a treat!

The gang.

Kyler and Rochelle
Me and my BFF Justin

Vic and I showing off our "I Voted Today" stickers. I think we even voted for the same person. (Though I don't know if my vote counted). One of the many things I love about my husband, is his ability to adapt to different situations. I'm constantly surprised at how accepting and social and down to earth he is with all of my crazy theatre friends. I love it when he thinks my friends are as neat as I do. And I especially love it when my friends love him back. All of my friends who meet him can tell right away that he is quality. I think he had just as much fun last night as I did and he didn't know half of the people or stories we were talking about. What a guy!


  1. I am loving February Films (besides the fact that my son is in the film today). It is crazy how fast they grow and how much they change.

    I am glad you got to see your friend (I remember hearing about him) and you all got to go out. Was Grandma with Lucy? Nice to be able to be so spontaneous!

  2. I think Justin is just awesome, and I so wish that somehow Kacie and him could have gone out. She's moving to Prague soon, crazy huh! Guess that one is out of the question.

    And yes, we did meet with the Whitmores. They're great!! We're actually going with at least him on Sat just to look at a few homes together. I'm really excited. I love this kind of stuff.

    But what I also wanted to add is that I saw your q below about leaving Lucy, and I would just throw into the conversation to ask maybe your parents first. Le and Marleney were always wanting to help if I needed them and so willing if they could, but I did find that Le is really busy with his work and thus it usually didn't work until after Marlene got off from her job at one. And since she works weekdays, and unless she's willing to take all those days off, I would see what your parents are doing first before making any solid plans. Well, that's my two cents. I'm sure either set of parents would love to watch her for sure though. Have a good time!

  3. fun times w/good friends. I love your sweet tribute to your fun-loving husband! yay for voting (KY didn't yesterday) and for fun friendships

  4. How the heck do you know Kyler?? I knew him when I lived in DC...and of course have lost touch and haven't talked to him for like 5 years. But, what a small world!!

  5. Molly, how fun to see a few familiar faces! Can you catch me up on Rochelle? What is she doing these days, and where? I wrote Justin and Kyler, and neither one responded. Will you tell them both that they doodyheads and then put in a good word for me? I'm dying to hear their news.


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