Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Before I post my film for the day, I am asking for your advice. As previously mentioned, I am flying to Los Angeles in less than two weeks. From the time plans starting shaping up, I assumed Lucy would come with me. It would be a bit stressful, yes, but that just comes with the territory. Vic and I were talking last night about the possibility of having her stay with her grandparents (either's so nice having family so close!) during the day while he's at work. This would allow me to spend more quality time with the Ravdin family, see old friends, relax, sleep in, read a book on the beach, meditate, DO WHATEVER I WANT! The thought of this gets me so excited! What a great birthday gift to myself! (Actually, Cathy gets all the credit for this gift, and she doesn't even know it's my birthday). I would miss Vic and Lucy terribly, but I also wouldn't have to deal with car seats on planes, rental car madness with a toddler, time change, naps, tantrums, etc. It would be SO rejuvinating to have some quiet time alone in the sunshine, on the beach, with old friends. Should I do it? Should I feel guilty leaving her for four days? I would miss both Vic and Lucy terribly! Will she fell abandoned? What do you think? AUGH!!

Ok, and now for the film:
Please disregard my high-pitched sing songy voice. As you can tell, I was thrilled.

P.S. Lucy spent part of the weekend reading Elmo books with her Great Grandpa Hope. He lovingly referred to Elmo and all Sesame Street characters as "chickens." It was so funny. Meanwhile, Grandpa Jackson and Daddy Vic were installing a brand new garbage disposal. I lovingly said to Le, "You know how to fix everything! You are the best father-in-law I have EVER had." I hope he thought that was funny. Marlene and I sat on the couch observing all of this while putting the last touches on Vic's denim quilt (to be posted shortly). Sunday was busy, but fun. We watched the Super Bowl with our good friends, Brad and Susan Hale. Their five children are darling and play so well with Lucy. Susan made an amazing prime rib roast which we devoured (after I had my most successful fast Sunday in two years. Being pregnant, breast feeding...all great excuses. Now I have none).


  1. Go! Go! Go!

    We're leaving Ian with my parents for about 10 days while we go on our anniversary vacation, and I think everyone involved is going to have more fun because of it!

  2. in my expert opinion, I say go to L.A. without Lucy!! yay!

  3. Sounds like your going w/out her. I can't blame you and I can't say that I'm not jealous either. Jason and I have talked about going on trips and leaving kids with grandparents but all grandparents live a "trip" away.

  4. Molly,
    I shouldn't even give you any advice. I hate leaving my kids even for one night and I have never left them at all except when we had to leave Grace to go house-hunting in Boston... I couldn't do it... but I'm a big fat baby about it!

  5. Leave her with the grandparents. They'll love it and you'll come rejuvinated! (sp?) I highly recommend it. (and you'll realize how much you love your little kids when you come back)

  6. Go and don't even look back! I am always a much better mother after going on a trip without kids. You learn to appreciate and love them even more!! :)

  7. Go and don't even look back! I am always a much better mother after going on a trip without kids. You learn to appreciate and love them even more!! :)


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