Bragging Rights, Decisions, and Apologies

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
So first things first. LUCY IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! This entire week, she has been putting herself to bed. She just walks into her room, gets her pj's out of her drawer, brings them to me and lays down on the floor. Once I've changed her, she grabs her "B" (blanket) and walks to her crib and says, "Night, Night." And that's it! This even happens at nap time. It is truly unbelievable. She was exhausted today, after spending several hours with me and our realtor looking at houses in Salt Lake. It is not even 7 p.m. and she is fast asleep after announcing, "Bed" and walking to her room. Will wonders never cease?

Which leads me to my next topic. I would appreciate any input here. We have been looking at houses in SLC for SEVERAL months now. We are having the hardest time deciding where to live. For those of you who know the Salt Lake area, and who know Vic and I, we are very drawn to the "East side". Older neighborhoods with great tree-lined streets, more diversity, easy access to the freeways and mountains, a little trendier and hip. I like it. However, properties on the East Side are more pricey. When we do find a home in our price range, we are faced with small closets, small garages, small sq. footage, small everything...but so charming! (and only small compared to today's standards, but still very livable). There is a new development on the "West Side" called Daybreak that is so appealing. (In most ways). The homes are all designed with the garages in the back (alley ways) so that the darling front porches are the only things seen from the road. The architecture is fantastic, not the typical brown stucco, brown rock, brown brick, BROWN that you see everywhere in Utah. Of course, the particular house we are looking at IS a lot of brown. But that's beside the point. In Daybreak you find so much color in the homes and white wrap around porches--Nantucket style, Nauvoo used brick style, East Coast style, Old World style. It's DARLING. (See HERE).Here are a few photos of the house we are thinking of making an offer on:

My favorite part is the white kitchen and beautiful granite counter tops. So anyway...we just can't decide what to do! My sister, Amy, says it's all about compromise. Which I guess most of life is. We can live in Sugarhouse and make the compromise that we will have a smaller home. Or we can live in Daybreak and make the compromise that we won't be close to the mountains and downtown, etc.

And lastly, I owe an apology to all my devoted blog readers-all 4 of you. (especially Allie). I said I was going to do a film everyday in February...but I'm a wee bit behind. Here is one for your viewing pleasure:

I can't remember who won, but it sure was funny. We had a fiesta for Valentine's Day in the Branch. Which, by the way, we are thoroughly enjoying being a part of. The food at the baptisms every week is unbeatable. The people are wonderful. Our callings are tiring, but so fulfilling.

OK, I couldn't resist. Here's one more. We went to my parent's house this weekend to see Lucy's newest cousin, Jayda Pearl Bice. She had loads of fun with Jayda's older sister, Bailey, and Uncle Tay-Tay. Little Jayda is an absolute angel of a baby and looks like a little papoose with all her dark hair and olive skin. A lovable little bundle! And so very tiny!

How precious is this last photo?? Lucy was so good with her. Any child under the age of 8 she calls, "Baby!" And she especially loved this little baby.


  1. Cute house. My mom and my oldest brother, Don, live in Herriman (near Daybreak). They love it there.
    Anyway, good luck with the house search and the fun of making offers! There are a few homes for sale in our area, but you probably don't want to live on the south side of the point of the mountain. :)

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww. If you ever want to vent about small square-footage and big price tags, give me a call....

    The house is beautiful. The counters go on for MILES>>>>>>>>>>>>

    (Your prize is in transit.)

  3. Molly, if you decide to go to Daybreak, my mom teaches Kindergarten at the elementary school there. She could be Lucy's teacher! I agree with you about the Sugarhouse area, though. I love the fun vibe there.

  4. Shannon-

    You were no help! (Ok, maybe a little. I would LOVE to have your mom teach Lucy!)

    I STILL need to come see your house in Heber and let the girls play together.

  5. I cant believe Lucy! She's amazing! Also, I all the houses in Sugarhouse, So that is a tough decision indeed.

  6. can drive to the mountains or anywhere else you want to go but your home where you spend most of your time and loving up the people...if the Daybreak area is nice enough and it surely looks wonderful...inside your home becomes the important looks really cute..I love the alley idea!

  7. I have lived in most neighborhoods in SLC. I loved living in the Sugar House/Foothill area. Also LOVED the Holladay neighborhood. My cousin has a house they remodeled for sale that is around 17th and 17th I believe. Do you want the detes? It's darling, and an awesome neighborhood. All of the new neighborhoods in Boise are like the one you are describing in the west side. That is a toss up. I would probably prefer to live in the heart of the energy of SLC myself, it's just too good up on the bench. Did this help?

  8. What a tough decision! I have no advice other than that we really love to live in a young neighborhood so that our kids have lots of other kids around and we love having a park on our street. I guess that would mean Daybreak is our vote!

    And I am very jealous of that Lucy putting herself to sleep :).

  9. Molly, Todd keeps talking about moving to the Park City area. Would you recommend it or not. He's also looking at Jaunship (is that how you spell it?) Know anything about that area? We're trying to be out of here this year, but we've got a lot of work to many loose ends.
    About the Showtime pictures. Good memories...Addison loves Hercules so I had him watch that section of our show the other day. SO PAINFUL. What was up with my eye make-up? My hair looked awful too. I actually remember being really sick for the show that was recorded at Ricks, but dayng! So, my answer to you on your question about how we could be friends with you...we ALL looked weird. That's what friendship is for! Ya gotta love it!

  10. Allie- and the rest of us- LOVED the videos! Thank you. We actually learned another word from Luke by watching the video. He says something like "guin, guin" which of course means "again, again". I am glad we figured that out because he kept repeating it and was so desperate for us to understand. Thank you for bringing me closer to my son!

  11. House buying is such a hard and important decision. I say make a list of the pros and cons. But I do remember when we lived in our Provo house, as much as we LOVED that house, like really loved it, I HATED the old stuff about it - creaking floors, old doors that didn't shut properly, thin windows, shallow cabinets, bad paint jobs, blue bathtub, there was lots. All of that stuff can obviously be remedied, and I have seen some fantastic redos of old houses in Sugarhouse, it's just another cost to count into the cost of the house. And think about living in a construction site (which we will be doing for prob the first several years of whenever we buy, dangit). But to play devil's advocate, when we lived in Springville I was shocked at how far away I felt from everything, and how much less ambition I had for doing things in, say, Orem. It just became too much gas and less of a priority. And they always say location, location, location.

    Well, hope I helped a little! :) This was long! I guess I had a lot to say. We have been thinking about real estate a lot lately too and these same thought rise to the top of every conversation with me and Paul.

  12. I am very proud of Lucy for putting herself to bed by the way...THAT is a milestone! very cool ! and that picture of her with the baby with lips is really cute, you're right! Lucy looks sort of way too grown up next to the baby though, don't you think?!

  13. We looked at the daybreak development before we moved to Massachusetts as a "just in case?" It was seriously a nice community. We were very impressed. Although, after buying a small charming house full of space compromise which allows us to be close to the things we want to be close to... I am very happy to give up the extra bathroom, closet space, and 2 car garage for convenience of daily life and quality of area. That's my 2 cents.

  14. Molly,

    Can I just say that I SO agree with you about the brown "Utah house" look? Jeff and I can't stand that! I love the quaint homes - I really love eastern architecture - Cape Cod, etc. But this one looks really cute. I'm sure this is all old news and by now you've put in an offer and maybe you're even moving! Ha ha! Who knows! But good luck with everything!

    Cristi :)


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