Wild Oats

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I went to Wild Oats today with a couple of good friends from Peter Pan. It was SO uplifting to my soul to get out of the house, get out of the snow in Park City, and have some fantastic conversation. (Yes, there is still snow in Salt Lake, but not nearly as much). We talked about politics and religion mostly. (Two topics that I rarely bring up with my husband because of our differing views). It was an elightening conversation and reminded me that I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE MORE OFTEN! It all comes down to planning. I need to be better at calling friends, making lunch appointments, planning weekend trips and little activities. It's so easy to stay couped up in the house in the winter time. But it's also very soul sucking. I need people. What do most moms do to ensure they are getting enough adult interaction, thought provoking conversations, creative outlets, enriching experiences that enliven your soul and your life in general?

The salad bar is delicious and they have the perfect little play area for kids right next to the cafe. Lucy had a ball. I captured a few photos that I thought were darling. She was on unusually good behavior because she was eating lunch with one of her favorite people, Captain Hook! (Mark Gollaher, the man who played Captain Hook. I was amazed that she recognized him...so was she!) She couldn't stop staring and flirting.

On another topic, I'm going to be doing something called "February Films." (I'll post a video each day this month). Lucy's cousin Allie loves watching her cousins online so this is a late Birthday present to her (and a great way to document Lucy's life). Enjoy!


  1. Seriously cute pictures! She is looking so grown up.

    My friends around here are great at planning things. It helps that we don't have to get in a car to go see each other, but still...here are a few ideas 1)call a friend and say "I'm going to ____ (like the mall play area) at 2 o'clock today, want to come?" Most everyone will be excited that someone else came up with a great idea and will join you; 2) host a potluck lunch (someone just did this today and it was great); 3) get together in the evenings when husbands are home and kids are in bed to craft--this is where i learned to quilt from my friends; 4) have a clothes swap--kids and grown-up clothes; 5) have a book swap; 6) just hang out.

    Hope that helps.

    Love you! ABL

  2. also start a group like a book club or a girls night group. ...wish i lived closer to hang out! :)

  3. I love these ideas! I ran into a friend at the park and had forgotten how nice it was to talk to other women. I made the same goal so these ideas will help out tons. Jenny

  4. We have a regular play group with moms in the ward for one of our Enrichment groups. I also am a member of 2 message boards that are just for moms. One is just LDS moms from around the world, which I have been a member of for a while and they truly have helped me keep my sanity. The other is one I joined that is more local for Tooele mommies. Where there are also regular play groups and mommies nights out. I think a lot of it also comes down to being proactive and just doing it.

  5. Thanks you for the birthday wish for Allie and yes, she LOVED the video! We have had so much fun watching the Johnny Jump-up videos and then suddenly I remembered we have one too! Luke LOOOOOVED it! He has been playing in it all day and Allie LOVED playing with him in it. She would jump up and down next to him or swing him and they both just laughed and laughed! Why didn't I get it out sooner?!

    Love the ideas (I think the top one was your sister?). Thanks everyone who commented. I will add one more. I wanted to learn how to can so two of my friends came over several times this past summer and we learned how to can together (all those peaches, and jams and jellies). It was really fun to have some friends that wanted to try out something new and "mormon-y" together!

  6. Molly, getting together with friends seems to get much easier as your first child gets older for some reason. Maybe because they get more involved with activities outside the house. BUT...my favorite thing is to get together with friends around 8:30pm after I have put them to bed and do crafts, a book club, stitching, maybe discussing politics ;), whatever you like to do. Todd never seems to mind because it gives him a free night at home too. Anyway, good luck in your endevors.


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