Ring in the New!

Friday, January 18, 2008
A few "news" around our place:

New curtains and pillows!

Beaming after a frustrating installment. It was worth it.

New clothes! We shopped the Old Navy sale like mad men! The outlet mall in Park City has converted their "outlet" Old Navy into a real Old Navy. We love driving 60 seconds down the street at night when no one else is there and having our free pick of the goods. And Lucy loves running wild in the store. We had it all to ourselves the other night!
Sweaters for $4.99--are you kidding me? We got 20 items for $80! (jeans, khakis, sweaters, tights, sweat shirts, pj's...the works!)

Lucy modeling a few new things.
Can you say, "To die for!?"

New hairdo's. (I am still amazed with her hair after 18 months).

New tricks.
When we say, "Show me cute!" she strikes this pose.
For real? Yep. She's that adorable.

New toys.
Vic loves the paper shredder he got for Christmas! Thanks, Joy!

New sunglasses. To be worn in AND out of doors, of course.

New friends.
Vic's old roommate from L.A., Mike Hatch, and his wife Patti welcomed Logan into the world in November! A handsome and solid little devil!

New hiding places!

New cousins! (Two new cousins in the same week!) This is Wesley Banks Payne.

And here we have McKay Alex Robinson. Congrats to Jenny and Joy!

New pajamas.
(Slumber party with the Kent children from our ward). And no, these aren't actually my new pajamas. They belonged to the 9 yr. old standing next to me. We laughed for about 5 minutes straight when I put these on. After about twenty minutes she said, "Umm...maybe you should take them off so you don't stretch them out. "

Other "news".
I (Molly) was just called to be Primary Pres. of the Spanish Branch. Ummm....what? Ya.
Vic is LOVING his NEW job! (We kept it on the down low for so long...but it's time to celebrate!) The benefits are unbeatable and Vic is really enjoying the work. It's a perfect law firm for him. Click HERE
to find out more about his firm. I'm so proud of him!
Also, we finally purchased a second car! My life is a new one. It's a trusty Honda Accord and I love it!
My vocal studio is doing great and continues to grow. I'm completely convinced that my theme for the New Year is nothing but true--

Also, Lucy has 20 or more new words! I have a DARLING video of her showing off her vocabulary, but it was taken while she was in the tub. I'm a little nervous to post it online. I'm thinking about making my blog private. Any thoughts on the matter?


  1. Wow, busy busy girl. I love the picture of you in the 9year olds jammies. Too funny. Great job on the shopping spree too!

  2. WOAH!!! Holy Crap! Too much stuff to read about in one post. Sweaters for $4.99 AND you're the new Primary Pres in the ward??! YAY! Fun fun!
    Umm....so remember that time you called me and I never called you back? Uh..yeah. SORRY!!! I'm SOOO sorry! I heard your message and I was in a sleepy stupor and honestly...forgot you had called until I saw your post...and...ahhh it's a long story and includes screaming babies with reflux. So how about Apples to Apples next week?

  3. What cute clothes! And thanks for fulfilling my shredder request before I even asked! You guys look GREAT! Where's the photo of your car? And as far as going private... we would LOVE to see the video but I totally understand not posting it while you are still public. So if you don't want to go private, we will support you in that.
    And PRIMARY PRES?! WOW! You guys really have a lot of new things for this new year!

    I still want to hire you to get me a new wardrobe!

  4. We hit the Old Navy sale too - love those awesome deals. The women's section was picked clean but we came out with good stuff for Paul and a few for little Thacker. A sweater for Paul for 5 bucks? I was so excited. Anyway, I'm so glad your new year is already on the upbeat! Good for you guys!! What an exciting time in your lives! I hope you're enjoying all of it!

  5. Wow, wow, wow! What exciting news and fun pictures you shared. This was a happy post!

    On private vs. public... I go back and forth all of the time, but have stayed public. If you go private, make sure you invite me!! :)

  6. Wow lots of fun things happening at your house. In the picture of you and Vic after hanging hte curtains, His hand is on your tummy and I thought you were announcing a "new" family member. :) And congrats on Primary Pres. I am going on my second year. I have decided that as far as Sunday callings go, Primary pres is only second to the Bishop as far as what you are responsible for each Sunday. Good luck. I have a ton of good websites for ideas and such. Let me know if you want them. You are going to be great!! Miss you

  7. Oh, wow, you were really good to get the goods for that price. I am going to be on the look out. I am looking for a picture frame.
    Lucy just seems to know whats going on.Stike a pose at her age! You guys are just cool.
    I was so glad to hear about the new car because it's like jail when you have to get out and no wheels. Especially with all the lessons and practices you were going to. So good for you and many more! Love mom

  8. Thanks for the pictures. What great shoppers. Joy says she buys everything on sale. she even has a friend that calls and lets her know.That organized shopping. What smart people.
    I love painting the cardbord box for my kids. We did one for the school one year. It was a bank.Cardborad boxes are the greatest.
    So glad about you new car. At last wheels. You and Vic have been troopers and look what you have learned and endured.
    A primay president. Wow, thats a big job and a very important one.
    Love ya Mom

  9. the good news is that you are still trim enough to fit into a 9-year-old's pajamas. i think i outgrew that, oh, about 19 years ago (when i was just 10).

    and i am with you on the "private" blog thing. i have been getting "random" drop in's lately on mine that are kindof freaking me out. people are reading about my life that i would rather not....in fact, i have been thinking of cancelling my blog all together because of this.

  10. So, we went to Old Navy on Saturday and, ironically, spent $80. So....the competitive side of me said, "OOOOH....count the items, count the items!" I thought for SURE that we'd bought more than 20 things and would kick your trash at sale-ing.


    20 items on the dot.

    No one can top vic and molly.

    it's impossible.

  11. Molly, Lucy is adorable!! How fun to catch up on your blog. I was so excited to see your comment on my blog. I love catching up with old friends! I do know Kyler Kronmiller by the way. He was in Showtime the year before me, but we had a class together and were friends. Do you know where he is? I would love to contact him. I'm so glad I know where to find you now! Hurray for blogs! :)

  12. Molly, I want to hire you to shop for me too! Nothing says "New Wardrobe" like having a baby! Good luck on the calling. I serve as first counselor in Primary and Our Pres. seems to know everything about everything in our ward! Love the pictures. I don't feel so cooped up when I see all the new blog entries. Jenny

  13. Poor Lucy so sick! And poor you because I think having sick kids is the worst form of torture... that and sleep deprivation! :)

    Wouldn't it be a perfect world to have AZ winters and PC summers??!! I am hoping to come up and spend the entire month of July in Utah so we will have to get together.

    Yes, Maya turns 3. When we were there, she seemed so much older than Lucy since Lucy was just a baby, but now they would be close together.

    Please email me about Carson's wedding. I need to call her too!


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