The Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
(My friend and photographer, Emily Tyndall, told me this was the perfect head shot to use at my Peter Pan audition. (I look butch? There's blue sky behind me so I look like I'm flying?) I didn't use it, but her other fabulous photos helped me get the part! )

It's been a month now since my show closed, and I'm finally getting around to blogging a little bit about it. Between the fairy dust the I'm STILL finding around my house (that stuff got in every nook and cranny of my clothes, hair, shoes, etc.) , the little Youtube slide show that I posted earlier that Lucy insists on watching at least once a day, the Peter Pan library books that Lucy LOVES reading, and the newspaper clippings on the fridge that she points to everyday...I still feel very drenched in all things Neverland. Lucy's favorite character? Captain Hook. She loves the guy! You'd think she'd be a little afraid, but no. When shown a picture of mommy and Captain Hook, all she can say is, "Caca Hoo, Caca Hoo." When she grabs the Peter Pan book off the shelf its so she can see photos of Caca Hoo. Where is the loyalty? I do hope that she always remembers her mommy flying around stage. It was so magical for me to be singing "I won't grow up!" while she was in the audience. I don't want my little booger baby to ever grow up. But like Wendy, I know she will, so I am trying my best to treasure these times with her.

I'll try to summarize my experience as Peter Pan with a list of words:

I made some great friends and learned a lot about myself. Not just as a performer, but as a wife and mother. There will always be a special place in my heart for the magical story of Peter Pan.

The Ravdin family flew in from L.A. to see my show and it meant so much to me. I'm so excited to head down their way again soon and escape this cold! Not pictured here is Cathy's son Jake, Emma's twin brother. I was their nanny when I lived in L.A. They have been great friends over the years and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch. Cathy is so creative and lovely. (CEO of Lambs and Ivy ) Emma is beautiful and wise beyond her years, and Jake is a talented guitarist with a wonderful heart. I love these kids.

Many thanks to all my friends and family who came to the show and showed such great support. I am so blessed.

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  1. Hey Molly- I bet you were amazing in the play. The pictures are great! Lucy is just so big now... how do they grow up so fast? It is really sad! :)


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