Feminist Mormon Housewives and a Love Affair

Monday, January 28, 2008
A few things of note.
1) I ran across this blog and really like it. There is one particular post that you just have to read. However, you might die, so be warned. Make sure to read all of the comments as well. (All 200 of them, and counting!) Once you are done dying and getting a good chuckle (I admit, I'd LOVE to feed Lucy nothing but organic food, drape her in homespun cloth, and dress her nursery in wooden toys, homemade dolls, and knitted balls. I'm not bashing her ideal. It's just a little....extreme), make sure to click on some of the other topics listed on the right hand side. Great reads.
You can find the madness HERE.

2) Be grateful you are not at my house today. Take a looksey:
What? You can't see anything? Oh, maybe that's because we're having a BLIZZARD and the snow is being thrown and blown and slapped against my window...something akin to a slap in the face. Taunting me and reminding me that I'm not in California or Mexico or Arizona. I'm in Park Freakin' Freezing Snow to my armpits City.

3) Lucy is in love already. Not with her daddy, not even her mommy or Papa. It's a boy named Johnny. It started when she was about 4 months old and is still going strong. I may venture to guess that this is one of the longest lasting love affairs amongst children of this age. (You know how most can be so fickle. Elmo one day, Barney the next. No regard to any one's feelings on the matter. I've even seen some young lovers just throw their partners aside...literally, and move onto the next without a second thought. "Big Bird, Oh Big Bird. You are so funny and...what? Candy? See ya.") Oh no, Lucy is truly devoted. His last name? Jumper.

In the beginning:

Still going strong:

Don't tell Vic, but I think they're sleeping together:

I have SO many more great movies of her in the jumper, but I have tried everything to post them and nothing is working. I think the files are too large. (Does anyone have a remedy for this?)


  1. I thought this was a little boy. Cute way to tell a cute story. I heard she slept with Johnny but a picture is worth a thosand words.
    I wonder what she will do when she gets too big for this, or too tall. Maybe buy a house with tall doors?
    Love ya Marlene Mom

  2. That is too funny! I love the video when she is a little older jumping (she really gets off the ground!) but it's her hair FLYING everywhere that totally cracked me up! Ok and the falling asleep in the thing too. Thanks for the post-on-request!

  3. Hattie got Johnny Jumper from Santa for her first Christmas, but she told Johnny to get lost right away. He has been in our basement in a box for a long time. I have to say though, Hattie LOVED watching the videos of Lucy and her Johnny!

  4. My wife reads that blog everyday! though I don't think she's into commenting.


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