Christmas Happenings

Monday, December 17, 2007

We've been staying mighty busy around our house. But it's wonderful! Rather than explaining everything here, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

Lucy packed up and ready to go on her first road trip to Aunt Wendy's wedding in Arizona. Mommy had THREE DAYS to herself! It was heaven. From what I hear, she did pretty well on the drive down and marvelous on the flight home.

Our secret to flying with her is to strap her in her car seat. Works like a charm!

Visiting Mommy in her dressing room. Lucy has now seen Peter Pan three times and loves it! My parents say that the real show is watching her react to the performance. Apparently, she pays attention to the entire thing. She loves Nana, the dog, the crocodile, watching mommy fly, and she even makes an "ooohhh" sound when Captain Hook comes on stage because she knows he's the mean guy. During the lullaby, while the Lost Boys fall asleep, she lays her head on daddy's shoulder (or Grandma's, depending on who she is seeing the show with). She claps at the appropriate times (sometimes a little sooner than everyone else), has her own little pirate dance and everything! I love doing the show when I know she's in the audience. The last scene, when I come back to take Wendy to Neverland but discover that she's too grown up, is particularly touching and real when Lucy is watching. It gets me every time when Wendy tells me that the little girl in the bed is her daughter. I tell myself I'm not going to cry...but to no avail.

We got our first big snowstorm! We are living in a Christmas Winter Wonderland! (This is out our bedroom window).

Don't tell DCFS, but while Lucy was asleep, we locked her safe and warm in the house and went on a midnight walk to marvel at the beautiful, silent, snow-filled night. It was so peaceful and serene and I was delighted to be playing like a kid with my cute husband. I couldn't stop running and laughing and oohing and awing.

I came home from the show one night to discover that Vic had put up all the Christmas decorations, including the tree! Normally, I enjoy doing this as a family, but due to our busy schedule, I was so grateful! Not only did he decorate to perfection, but he had cleaned the entire house! And I mean...laundry, toilets, showers, dishes...everything! My husband is truly wonderful. He takes such good care of me and shows me that he loves me by doing such thoughtful acts of service.

Another interesting happening in our household is the use of Mommy's bra. Lucy gets the biggest kick out of it. She thinks its the funniest thing when I put it on everyday. If she's lucky, and she sees it laying around my room, she grabs it and treats it like her baby doll.

Other activities seen regularly in the Jackson Household as of late are as follows:

Insisting on wearing Mommy or Daddy's shoes, not matter the danger it poses.

Dressing myself, and don't even think about helping me!

Learning how to play and share with Nia Cabrera every Friday.

A night of spaghetti with cousin Thacker and Jack while Aunt Amy was in town to see Peter Pan. Daddy and Uncle Paul did a good job being Mr. Mom while the ladies were away!

Playing with Daddy, Jack, and Aunt Amy at Nana and Poppa Bice's.

Thinking that the Christmas decorations are toys. (In this case, a purse).

Riding the choo choo train (Trax) to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

Watching Elmo or Baby Einstein in the laundry basket.

And last but not least, Lucy is an expert at opening green beans or snap peas in order to get out the little babies inside.

Oh wait, one more thing. Vic finally sold his CJ-5 Jeep! He's pretty sad about it, and I feel bad for the guy. I also have very fond memories that involve that Jeep. But I think the little "Whoo Hoo!" inside of me is beating out any pity I might be feeling.


  1. I love that she plays with your bra! Thats so funny. man she's so cute... but again, dont tell her I said that!

  2. I don't know if you let the pictures do "most" of the that as it may, great update! Lucy never ceases to amaze me.

    Regarding the picture of the "cousins" eating spaghetti, do NOT tell me that Jack is sitting on that high stool all by himself (with Thacker safe and sound in the high chair)!! I will forgive Vic and Paul for putting him in danger this time, but watch out.

  3. That is so funny about Jack on the stool!! I didn't even notice! Oh dear! I'm still laughing! (not because Jack could have plummeted to his death, but because of your funny comment).

  4. The way Lucy eats green beans is hilarious-not to mention that she loves them! Hailey plays with my bra too, she thinks she's the Little Mermaid and puts it on. Good bye to the 'Ninja Turtle jeep' as the boys called it!

  5. Wow- you sold the jeep?! That is sad!

    These are great shots! It was so fun to see Lucy at the wedding! She is even more entertaining live!

  6. Wow, sounds like you guys have been busy. Lucy is a riot! She looks like she has an enourmous personality. Aren't kids the best?!

  7. I am thrilled I finally got to meet and interact with Lucy...she actually sort of hung out with me there for a few minutes which I appreciated. Also I got to see her a bit in AZ at the reception and she has SPUNK just like you do! I think she is well on her way to being officially UNABASHED! in due doesn't happy overnight!

  8. I still can't believe that adorable little girl is yours.

    Are you going to be in Utah for Christmas? I'll be up there for a little while, let's get together!!! Email me your phone number if you can... (my first and last name and I'll call you just after Christmas! :)

    Love you guys!


  9. Wow Vic, that was a TRUE act of service to decorate and clean for Christmas. Lucky you Molly!

  10. Lucy is all grown up! Wow.

    Thanks for the thorough catch-up post. I get occasional updates through Jen, but she's been on the phone for a while and gave me a turn at the computer. I'm glad you took the chance to go out for a midnight walk. It ought to be a more accepted practice (letting the baby sleep peacefully while parents walk down the street peacefully).

    Anyway-Merry Christmas!

  11. Nice post! I bet that took some time! But I feel pretty caught up! Lucy is too cute. I love that she loves your show. What a little champ!


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