California Dreaming

Monday, December 31, 2007

We finally got our pictures from our vacation to L.A. a few months ago...and I'm thrilled with how they turned out! So before I even blog about Christmas or closing night of Peter Pan or anything else... I'm going to share our little photo gallery with you. For details on the trip, see the previous post here.

Watching the Princess Show. She was enamored.
Her favorite part about Disneyland was all the water! (This is in California Adventure, A Bug's Life Land, with the shooting fountains. She was thrilled!) To see even MORE photos, click here.

This is the guest house we stayed in. Vic and I had dinner by candle light (Thai food) in that tree house on the left when he passed the California Bar (4 years ago?) This little place couldn't be any quainter.

I'll be posting Christmas, New Year's, Winter Fun, Peter Pan, and Life in General stories and photos shortly!


  1. Molly,
    What an appropriate post for this time of year though! I totally dream about California from January through April. I HATE WINTER AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!!! Love the pics...

  2. Molly your blog and your photos and your FAMILY look all too perfect! If I wasn't related to you, I think I would have to not read your blog anymore- ya know, just to perfect! GREAT photos! WE LOVE YOU guys sooo much!

  3. Ok, you are freakin skinny! I can't wait to hear about Peter Pan.

  4. I agree w/Joy! You ARE the perfect family! Love the Cali pics--you guys are just beautiful--so hip & cool! You are looking great & it looks like your trip was tons of fun...guess what musical was playing in one of the cities we were in last week...? ;)

  5. Such cute, fun pictures!!

    I can't believe Carson is getting married!! Did you meet him? Email me about it: :)

  6. You are such a skinny look great, and what a vacation!

  7. Ok, Miss Molly, I will comment. I love to see your pictures. California looks so inviting right now. I agree after Christmas you can keep the snow.
    Your shots of Peter Pan was cool.I could't get the sound however.
    I think you are so great. You're love for Vic really warms me. I do love you like my my daughter however it looked like you had several comments so I thought, well, I don't know what to add. Silly but true.
    I finished the blanket for Lucy! It is sooo warm. Now I either mail it or Le delivers it when he goes to up Salt Lake. I will be going Thus. or Friday we think to Joys.Love ya, Marlene


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