And Finally....#29 & #30

Monday, December 3, 2007

I am thankful for positive people. People who look on the bright side of life. People who smile and laugh and easily forgive. People who don't hold grudges, people who let things go. I am thankful for the amazing amount of comfort people who are positive bring into my life and how intensely satisfying and enriching interacting with them is. Positive people are positively powerful! I owe so much of my sanity, my character defining moments, my small moments of happiness that make up so much of life, and my general expressions of thanks to those people in my life who have been a POSITIVE influence. A list of names on the top of my head of positive people in my life:

Justin Kinnaird
Jeffrey Stevens
Emily Tyndall
Tyra Abney
Jessica Bean
Alan Sackett
Eden Morris
Stan and Helena Merrill
Alena Hicken
Kristin Crockett Montgomery
Sarah Peterson Whitmore
Janique Sinclair
Amy Hackworth
Rolinda Guenther
Afton Bolz
Carson Flint
Diane Livingston
Julie Emery
Kristen Gardner
Susan Hale
Jill Tingey

Ok, I know I'm leaving off several people that are always smiling, always making me laugh, and always make me feel good about myself and life in general when I interact with them...but due to my over indulgence of French chocolate cocoa dusted truffles from Costco, my brain is not functioning at full capacity. I love the power of positive thinking and positive people! (I also love the power of chocolate)...

Which brings me to my final thankfulness blog: I am SOOOOOOOOOOO thankful that Vic FINALLY let me open the ginormous box (two boxes) of chocolates that my dad gave to us. I have been begging him for weeks! My father put them in his complete trust and care and told him they were his to open at his discretion. Boy did Vic take that to heart. Peter Pan opening night??Not reason enough to bust out the truffles. Date night? Not a chance. PMS and an extreme need for chocolate? He didn't believe it. So what was the special occasion? A game of Settlers of Catan with his brother Paul! Which I won, by the way.
If you've never tried these puppies....oh dear. You're in for a real treat. You're also in for a few extra holiday pounds. Don't worry, they're totally worth it.


  1. Paul said he had a great time with you guys. Thanks for hosting him. And I'm glad the night was truffle worthy! My parents buy those often too, and they are amazing. And I heard bath time on Friday with all three of the kids was really funny! Wish I could have seen it!

  2. I'm really going to have to try those truffles! Anyone.... :) Jenny

  3. Those truffles are wonderful!!! I also love that game. I won it on my very first time. Both very addicting.

  4. I LOVE Settler's of Catan!!! I am so happy that you like that game!

  5. I am feeling a little bad seeing how much you were looking forward to those truffles and remembering how fast some of them disappeared in our After Play Chocolate Party last weekend. I looked for some at Sams Club in Nashville on our way home from the airport to send you but...none were there?! Thanks for letting us come over even though you were probably SOOOOOOOO exhausted.
    and lastly...I hope our TENNESSEE STANDING OVATION did not embarrass DESERVED EVERY ENTHUSIASTIC BIT OF IT! you were PERFECTLY PETER PAN and I will never forget it! I can't say how happy I am we could come AND get 3rd ROW SEATS!


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