30 Days of Thanks

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today I am grateful for a warm house and a warm, comfortable bed. We are so lucky to have so many modern conveniences that make our life enjoyable and easy. Like central air and heat! Things are finally cooling off in Park City, after a fantastic Fall, and I am loving that I can just crank up my heater and get into my warm bed for a nap everyday. What a luxury!


  1. Smalls, I haven't been a faithful blogger lately, and I get on yours and....I'm behind. It took me a while to read all your "gratefuls", but thanks for them. Its always good to be able to say amen...except the car, potstickers..etc (we have no costco membership). But really, I agree...you are blessed. Good job noticing! :)

  2. Molly, I have to ask. Did you use to live in the Colonies Apartments at BYU? If so I totally think I know you!


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