30 Days of Thanks

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today I am thankful for other people's mistakes. Sometimes it can really be to your advantage to have someone else mess up. Let me illustrate: I go to the Park City Vision Center to get my glasses adjusted. A task I have been needing to do for months on end. Within seconds of handing said glasses to the employee, she comes back from behind the desk to tell me that she has broken my glasses and they are going to give me a brand new pair for free. I was pretty excited. (I felt kind of bad for her...) But then I remembered that I happen to like my glasses...a lot (even though I only wear them at night once I take out my contacts. Having them break made me realize that I need to be wearing them more often than I do. Because, hey, they're stylish. Who doesn't love a sexy women in glasses?) Ok, so maybe this wasn't the best illustration to try and make my point. But think about it, has someone elses mistake turned into your good fortune? What about all those girls who made the mistake of dumping Vic...and missing out on being married to the world's best dad? Or what about those Olympians who won the gold because one of their competitors slipped, or stumbled, or fell of the balance beam? Am I putting others down in order to lift myself up? Sure, why not. I'm barely over five feet. But come on now, maybe you got a great parking spot this morning because someone made the mistake of not setting their alarm last night so they slept in and didn't make it to work on time. Eh???

Well, on another exciting note, Whimsy is having a great sale! Vic, this is where you close your eyes. I'm tempted to cash my check from my voice student yesterday and spend the whole bloomin thing on new clothes. Ok, you can open your eyes now. If anyone is wondering what I want/need for Christmas...new clothes. Pants down! I mean...hands down. Gift cards, hand me downs, ANYTHING.


  1. Was that the store we went into the last time we met up? That was a cool store. And yay for new glasses. I wish I could get some.

  2. I got something 50% off today when it was really only on sale for 30% . I told the teenage girl it was only 30% too. She said "Oh well". So Happy Birthday to me!

  3. This is a great thankful idea! Yea for mistakes-it always makes me feel better about myself-like the mom who made the mistake of leaving her kid in the car, next to her I'm Mom of the Year! I need new glasses too, maybe I'll take mine to your gal! :)Jenny


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