30 Days of Thanks

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am so thankful for so many things today that I decided to play catch up with the calendar and add a few more things to my list. (Plus, I'll get to #30 on Nov. 30th this way).

#4 -

The sweet man (Dave?) at Utah Poison Control that I talked with this morning. Yes, there are firsts for everything. Lucy opened her bottle of baby lotion and was DOWNING it like no other. I think she swallowed about a tablespoon (hopefully less....but who knows) before I realized what was going on. Dave calmly talked me through everything and reassured me she would only have a case of the runs. Bring on the Lysol sanitizing spray. Thanks, Dave.


The amazing Fall weather that we've been having. Thank you, Mother Nature for letting Utah have an Autumn that lasts more than three weeks. It's been wonderful! I still don't know what I'm going to do with Lucy once winter hits!


Story time at the library and the sweet employees there. Lucy is becoming quite popular at the Summit County Library these days. Not only does she go every Tuesday evening with daddy on a date, but we have now started Thursday morning story time as well. Today was her first time there and she was in heaven....for several reasons. One of them being BOYS. May the heavens help us all once she turns 13. Out of about 15 kids, 11 of them were little boys. The smiles and squeals didn't stop until nap time about 30 minutes ago. They also had a large, colorful parachute which the kids could shake or run underneath. It was even choreographed with a cute parachute song. I snapped a few photos for your enjoyment. Thank you, Public Library, for providing us with free movies, fabulous books, and entertaining story time songs and reads!


This deserves a blog post of its own, but today is the day that I have to say it. MY HUSBAND. My Vicky Poo. Victor Victoria. Victoronious. Honey Bun. Daddykins. Vic has never once complained about me being gone for four hours every night at rehearsal. He has never complained about having to bathe and feed and entertain Lucy by himself every night. In fact, he enjoys it! He puts away laundry, reads to me at night, gets up early for work ...I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY HUSBAND. He makes me feel beautiful and special and talented. He is so supportive and reassuring and calming. Like Tim Butler said in our wedding toast, "Vic is what keeps Molly grounded and Molly is the spring in Vic's step." The words Thank You don't even begin to cover it.


Our new 7 megapixel FREE Cannon camera from CompUSA. Our old camera was damaged (umm...I think it was left in the diaper bag and got liquid on it/in it from one of Lucy's many sippy cups) but still under warranty. They called last week to tell us that it would cost more to fix it than to replace it so they were giving us a new one free of charge. Thanks, CompUSA and Warranty Wonderland, we'll have plenty of Holiday pictures to share.


  1. Molly, I love story time too! I mean my kids loved story time too. :) And I love that you love Vic. The picture of him really captures what Vic is all about! Yea for Holiday Pictures with your new camera, we won't entirely miss out. Jenny

  2. I am LOVING these 30 days of thanks! thanks for sharing so many of yours today!

  3. I love to see my brother through your eyes! It is so great to "see" what kind of a father he is. And in no way am I surprised!!!

  4. By the way, I have been holding off on commenting because since the first Thanks entry, especially the last couple of lines, well... I am pregnant. I tried to share my testimony on Sunday about some feelings of gratitude I have and it really wasn't all that big of a deal but I just stood there blubbering and sobbing. These stupid hormone- I tell ya... So we will leave it at... "I have found your Entries of Thanksgiving touching".

  5. I love story time too. It's so much fun! The girl's enthusiasm while reading is unbelievable. Thacker and I both have such a good time!

    And how cool about your camera! That is so great. Judging based on the pic of Vic at our wedding, I think you could use some recent photos. Just kidding Molly.

    BTW, does he ever that tie? I don't know if he's into pink or not, but Paul wears his pretty often. I think it's so cool when he does. Last Sunday I actually tried matching him after I saw him put it on. Cheezy I know. But it was fun.

    Whoa, long comment.


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