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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Due to some technical difficulties with our camera (it is currently at CompUSA getting fixed), I have been frequently heard to say something akin to, "Take a picture for me and then email it to me...OK?" Easier said than done. (Easy for me to say, hard for someone else to do...) The day has finally arrived that I have my hands on some photos taken over the course of the past few months. Trips to the zoo with Nana and cousin Ethan, Fall Festival at This is The Place park, Thacker's Birthday party, and of course, Lucy's occasional model photo shoots. So get ready for picture overload! After viewing all of these photos, just ask yourself one question: Is any one child allowed to be this cute? I'm worried that we're breaking the law.


Vic and I had big plans to dress as Peter Pan and Captain Hook, but we've been to three Halloween parties so far and tomorrow is Halloween...and we ain't got nothin' yet. Our little Tinkerbell is cute enough to make up for where we're lacking. Could you just die at her cuteness??? I have rehearsal Halloween night so I won't be able to join Daddy and Luce Dog at the church for one last party, but I'll be thinking of them while I'm sword fighting with Captain Hook...hoping that Vic is fighting just as hard to keep Lucy from getting sick from all the candy.

I had to get a shot from behind. So adorable. Especially when you add her waddle into the equation.

Tinkerbell and TigerLilly...I mean, Boy Scouts of America Pow-Wow Republican Indian Man.

Aunt Peggers.

Thacker got a really cool toy that Lucy just loved! I don't think I've ever heard her squeal and laugh so much with a toy before.

After celebrating cousin Thacker's birthday, Lucy got bathed, put into P.J's and was ready to ride her bike home. Balloon in hand, of course.


Again, I ask the question: Is she really allowed to be this cute? It kills me! I just want to squish her and eat her and tickle her and kiss her all day long!

Daddy comforting Lucy and telling her not to be afraid.
It didn't work.

I love this shot. Lucy had a ball shaking the tambourine and dancing to the music. I just tried to keep my mouth shut while Vic was "keeping time" to the music with his jug blowing. (is that what you call it)? He's white for a reason folks. But oh, how I love him. The real musicians behind us were great. Everyone in the park is dressed in Pioneer costumes and it feels like a miniature Nauvoo. It's a little hidden gem in Salt Lake that I don't think a lot of people know about. Let's go there as a family for Christmas...Jacksons?

Ok, so it's not the most exciting video. I should probably watch it before I spend 15 minutes waiting for it to load. But you get the idea...she loves to dance!

They had a little miniature "Pioneer Park" with little buildings for the kids. Any guesses on what happened when we tried to leave? Do the words Kicking and Screaming mean anything to you?

And here we have cousin Ethan. He and Lucy play SO well together. Ethan is just a great kid and they have an absolute ball when they are together.

Playing in the stream with daddy. This girl has no fear.


Aren't they cute?

Can't you hear Lucy as a teenager, "DAD! You look so young... And Uncle Paul has so much hair! What happened to you guys?"

The view.

The cousins.

The teasing.

The beauties.

The similarities.

Please note Vic's eyes in the first picture and Lucy's eyes in the second.

This is a Jackson Family trait. We couldn't find one picture in our wedding album where Marlene's eyes were open. We finally did find one...and guess who's eyes were closed?

Are you laughing out loud yet?


Do you remember the product that Uncle Rico was selling in Napoleon Dynamite?
Bust Plus Must. Well...Lucy has Personality Plus Must.

Chillin' at the zoo.

And thus we see. (My Peter Pan hair).


  1. I looked a little more closely at the second picture of our family on the log and Lucy's eyes aren't actually closed. Oh well, you get the point.

  2. When did we let these babies grow up? Lucy is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. It's stuff like this that makes us miss you guys more and more!

    (Those wedding pictures are TERRIFIC!)

  3. This was so so fun! Love-love-LOVE these photos! You guys are such a BEAUTIFUL family!!! And we really liked the video so thanks for including that! Lucy is sooooo cute (I can't believe you don't want like 100 of her!)

  4. Your haircut is super cute. Lucy is a DOLL. You guys are like a celebrity family--hot! love all the pics, looks like you guys have been busy & having lots of fun!!

  5. Lucy is beyond cute! I just keep looking at the pictures over and over again. She is like a little Precious Moments doll with the personality of....Molly.

  6. Ok, now I am a follower. Thanks for finding me via bloggerville...Can I just confirm your notion that Lucy is, like, the cutest thing that ever hit the planet. I mean, how can you take it? I get the sense that you can't! And you are looking more lovely than ever! So fun to peek in on your life! HELLO MOLLY!!!!

  7. Holy Shmoly! That was a lot of pictures! So fun! And I must say, your little Tinker Bell is absollutely adorable. I like the pink! What a good girl color! And what a fun place you live...the hiking, the view, the park. I love it all!

  8. 2 words for Lucy:

    You are all adorable. Thanks so much for the picture update. It makes things so much more real to see what you are doing. Love y'all!


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