Never Smile at A Crap-o-Dile

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall is my favorite season. I love the smells, the colors, the clothes...I love it all. And since the arrival of fall, and the happiness it brings to me, I've been thinking lately about some of the simple things in life that make me happy. If only I could remember to do these things more regularly, my life would feel more flavorful and satisfying!

-I love exercising. There is just something about running and dancing and hiking and rollerblading....pushing your body--sweating, feeling your heart beat. It is so therapuetic! I love how I feel physically and emotionally after a good work out. And I especially love working out in the fall! The air is a perfect crispness that feels cleansing in your lungs. The heat from your body balancing against the coolness of the air---unbeatable.

-A good book. Vic and I just finished reading the Twilight series together. And when I say reading them "together", I mean it. Vic reads to me every night! (which is another thing on my list of things that make me happy). I love losing myself in a good book. This particular series, though written by a somewhat amateur writer, were entertaining and enthralling. A very unique take on vampires. Though, by the third book, Vic and I were both ready to drop kick Bella! I didn't relate to her at all and found her to be quite annoying. I heard they are making a movie of Twilight. You can read more about it on Stephanie Meyer's website:

-When my nephew Ethan calls crocodiles "crapodiles". And when he calls gorillas, "galillas". He also says, "Scawy (scary) Nana, Scawy", when something scares him. Kids say the darndest things! And I love it! Hearing Lucy say, "Daddy!" just makes my heart melt.

-Cuddling with Lucy. This is at the top of my list these days! A true Lucy cuddle is rare, but I have figured out a way to trick her into it. What a mean mom. Since the cooler weather hit, we take a daily bubble bath together in my big jetted tub. I make the water nice and warm (not too warm), close the door so it gets comfortably steamy, then turn on the jets. The combination of the warmth and the thrumming of the jets makes her nice and drowsy. She lays right on my chest and I could just lay there and pat her little bum for hours. It is the sweetest, most relaxing, most fulfilling moment of my day.

-Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches....Amen.

-Going on walks as a family in beautiful Park City. We've been here three years and I have yet to be ceased with amazement at the scenery. Just yesterday we walked on one of Park City's most famous trails (past the white barn on SR224) to see all of the different scarecrows that St. Mary's Catholic church decorates each year. Lucy got a kick out of them, though she was more interested in the deer head ( a real live...well dead deer head) off the side of the trail.

I could go on about other wonderful things in this world that truly bring a smile to my face, but this list suffices me for now. I'll blog more about this as Thanksgiving draws nearer. Did I mention that family and friends leaving comments on my blog makes me happy???


  1. We had fun at the zoo today with you and Lucy. We'll have to get together soon and talk about the "Bella books," I just started Eclipse. Have a great weekend!

  2. I just finished the last book in the Twilight series! Fun books-go Stephanie! I don't know if I could read them with someone else thought because I wanted to read so fast-I'd wait for moments here and there to get a chapter in. I love your favorite things. Chris and I wonder where the fall picture was taken. Jenny

  3. I like your list! Ditto to many of those although Lucy and I don't get to cuddle much in the bathtub. I want to start Twilight. Jason and I read together too- most often and successfully on road trips. Wedding and Thanksgiving, here we come!

  4. Yes I am alive!! I love reading your posts. Maybe I will have to make a list of my own. Good idea. PS if you hadn't heard, Rush is engaged.

  5. i LOVE this post--a relaxing & wonderful way to start my monday morning, imagining all your favorite things...and i LOVE the fall pic at the top. bring it ON!

  6. Love your post, sis! It really did remind me of Pres. Eyring's talk. It is amazing the blessings we recognize if we just take the time to stop and remember.

    Good luck with rehearsals. You start a week from today--right?

  7. I'm with you on drop kicking Bella. Her negativity drove me nuts, but one of my friends explained to me that you would be sressed out if you thought you were endangering everyone you loved live's too. I was dying for Jacob in the epilogue. I like Edward, but I hate love triangles. I guess there's going to be a 4th book and someone said Stephenie Meyer is going to write a 5th book from Edward's perspective. Who knows if that's sounds like taking it one step too far, but I'm sure if she does...I'll read it. I'm a bit of a psychotic reader. :) It's my escape!

  8. Miss Molly your blog is adorable! Just stoppin by to say OLAH. Your new haircut is stunning...You are STUNNING! Those model photos of you are HOT...your so skinny and fit what the heck have you been doing? I have found having a child usually keeps you on your toes and gets you moving. I think you have inspired me to cut my hair!

    I love the fall too. I miss the wasatch and P.C. it is by far my favoritest time of season. Congrats on all the exciting things that are happening in your life. The new job, new home, your lovely family....sounds like you are happy and well!
    Its so cute that your hubby reads to you. I love that.
    And to comment on babies bottoms and cuddling. I am obsessed with Bodins softest little tush! I love to sleep with him lying on my chest.ahhh
    Keep up the bloggin'

  9. I'm now going to officially incorporate the word "crapodiles" into my vocabulary. Consider it done.

  10. Ah yes, Twilight... You know there was this one scene on the Dirty Dozen where he was throwing the grenades into the air vents and he got shot just when he was almost to the truck... Of gosh, that always gets me choked up.

  11. Thanks for making such a nice post. I need to count my blessings more often than I do. I ENVY your bathtime with Lucy. That will never happen when you get more than one kid, so "soak it up" now!


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