In Other News....

Thursday, October 18, 2007
I am about to get a taste for what it would be like to be the mother of three children who drives a minivan. Vic and I are babysitting for a family in our ward for a few days while the parents go on a trip. Look out!

In other news...I cut my hair again today. I'd say it looks a little dike-ish. I'm anxious for Vic to get home from work and find out his opinion. Three more days until rehearsals start...I had to become as boyish as possible to help me get into character. Hope it works.


  1. Have Vic take a picture so we can see your new haircut!!! Good luck with the babysitting. We will be anxious to hear about rehearsals.

  2. want to see the haircut! Goodluck with rehearsals...

  3. Enjoy the minivan thing and be glad when you can leave it behind! :) Does Wendy's wedding change help you any? If she is in fact moving the date, who knows at this point? Jenny

  4. Tending someone else's kids?! That's the best birth control there is! We house-sat/nannied for 4 kids when I was pregnant with Hattie and it was a good thing I was already pregnant, or I might not have had her for a while! Mini-van it up baby!


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