Exciting Day!

Monday, October 22, 2007
A few exciting happenings in the Jackson Household today:

I didn't want to do it, but I had no choice. The blog site that I stole my template from was having copyright issues, so I was forced to find a new look for my blog. After much frustration (Ok, it was like 20 minutes), I finally figured out how to create a look that I like. I will still be tweaking it in the days to come, but this is it for now folks. What do you think? Does this qualify as "exciting", probably not.

The day has finally come! I start Peter Pan (affectionately referred to from here out as PP) rehearsals today! I am so excited! I can't wait to meet the rest of the cast and to start singing and dancing my heart out. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it's invigorating for me. There is one particular song that I sing with Captain Hook, called, "Oh, My Mysterious Lady" where I get to dress up like a "girl" (so ironic) and sing opera. It's a very difficult song! I know that I can do it, I have the vocal range to hit all the notes, it's just that I want to excecute it with precision and know it like the back of my hand. I don't really know the back of my hand that well....but who does?

Another reason why today is exciting is that it's cousin/nephew Jack's birthday! He is the cutest little butter ball you'll ever see. I really wish we lived closer so that he and Lucy could know each other better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK! We love you.

And just for fun, here's some Lucy Bell photos--Enjoy!


  1. oh my! that lucy is just too darned cute! good luck on rehearsals. i can't wait to see the show! you have such an incredible talent!

  2. molly>

    i exist. it's true.

    also - congrats on being cast as "the boy who never wanted to grow up". i have a special connection to that show (cliffhanger...).

    you have a delightful looking little family.

    well, i thought i'd SNEAK ATTACK ya. let's catch up you weirdo.

    > whit

    p.s. here are various options of assorted contact:


  3. cute Lucy shots & good luck with your songs & dances--you'll do so great!

  4. Good luck with Peter Pan! I'm sure you will be great! Still no baby :( I'm getting a little bit restless! I really hope he comes this week. I'll let you know!

  5. So, when you're off to rehersals, do you tell Vic, "I have to go PP"?

  6. Those are absolutely ADORABLE shots of the cutiest little girl. My question is does she really like green beans?

  7. omigosh! Talk about personality PLUS! She is adorable!

  8. Joy--She LOVES green beans. I've actually only seen her reject food three times. Remember how much Hailey use to eat?? Lucy is an eating machine.

  9. Molly-
    So I found your blog through facebook. I totally want to come see Peter Pan! Is there a website for it? Sounds like so much fun!

  10. Molls - yeah the pinatas are for Thack's little party. They didn't have anby cool ones at the stores - just small pirates with peg legs. They were really funny - but Paul's spider looks so rad - I'm excited to beat it up!

  11. Oh yeah, did you guys get your invite in the mail yesterday? They took me so freakin long to make I HAD to make sure everyone got one. And, I noticed you never published my one comment about that thing, you know what I'm talking about right? I'm not offended, I just want to make sure you knew I was just joking. Kay see ya.

  12. I can't believe that wasn't from you. It really sounded like your voice. Now I really want to know who it was. And your invite,
    I mailed it on Mon, they said it should be there Tues or Wed. Watch, you'll probably get it next week! Oh well.

  13. Hey, Molls, what do you mean blog design? Do you know how to design them? I'd love any tips you have. After they put Matie Kay out of business, I just went back to our original template...they really need to get some better looking stuff. Anywho...any advice you have to give would be greatly appreciated!!!

  14. Hailey still eats that way-little girls with lots of personality need lots of calories to keep up! :) I want to hear more about your play and being sore with the stage fight-so cool! We meet Tim Shew in NY. I wished you could have been with us. Jenny

  15. How did you change your background? I've been wanting to do that! (since the two days I've been blogging) Tips?


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