Daddy Daughter Dates

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
So I am totally detracting from all the photos by finally getting around to posting something, but hey, I'm finally posting something. If you haven't seen the 30 photos in Molly's last entry please scroll down - I promise it will be better than this one.

Molly started rehearsals last week, and thus began a string of Daddy-Daughter Dates that will go on for approximately 2 months. Lucy and I have been busy. So far we've gone on walks, taken the bus around, been to the grocery store twice, to the library twice, been to Arby's for a shake, helped a neighbor move, and been to branch presidency meeting once [where she entertained Bro Briggs with a very complicated but fabulous disappearing trick using her favorite blanket]. Lucy has had a bath almost every night and played and laughed and giggled and danced until it is bedtime, when she has peacefully gone to her crib, and quietly drifted off to sleep.

Tonight we went to the library again, where Lucy charmed the librarians so that they didn't mind her squeals and yells, stopped for milk and then came home, had a bath and sat down on the couch together with a bowl of ice cream [don't tell Molly] and watched the Disney movie Fantasia [not to be confused with the American Idol star].

Lucy was so cute dressed in her baby blue pajamas with sparkles. She loved the ice cream and made little mmmm sounds of happiness. I told her I love her and she gave me three little kisses [though I am pretty certain the kisses were all about the ice cream]. She bounced a little during the Tchaikovsky section and then when the ice cream was all gone she got up, stomped her feet and twirled in circles to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.

It is so fun to watch her dance when she hears music or when she gets so excited and happy that the music inside her starts pouring out. She is Molly's girl there is no question about that and Molly is ideally suited to help Lucy develop her talents and put them to good use. I am a blessed man to have such beauty and music all around me.

We played and wrestled after that until Lucy lay down in my arms and I carried her to her crib. I filled up her sippy-cup with water and retrieved her favorite blanket from the other room. I turned out the light, told her I love her, gave her a kiss on the top of her head, and closed the door, thus ending Oct 30th's Daddy Daughter Date.

I still have all of November and December to go. I'm going to have to come up with some good ideas. I am sure that these brief two months where it is just Lucy and I for a few hours each night will create some cherished memories. I am sure of it because in just a few evenings it already has. Is there anything better than being a father? I think I have had some amazing experiences in my life. I think I have done some important things. But being a father...... what more can I say.


  1. Wow, my family has such amazing writing talents. I guess I always knew that about you Vic. We loved this entry! What a special time it will be for you! You obviously have it all under control. Don't be afraid of a routine- like reading books every night. If you don't have any children's books memomrized yet.. you will!

  2. Vic, you are a great Dad! I would love to double with you on your date night sometime! Jenny

  3. what a sweet entry.

    I had a 'girls night in' over the summer & several of the girls felt like they couldn't stay longer because they had left their husbands with their kids--and their husbands were so worried "when are you coming home again?" like they were helpless...It made me so sad, not just cuz these ladies didn't feel like they could hang out as long as they wanted--but also because these Dads weren't really into their role as Dad. I have lots of great memories with my Dad when Mom was out...

    ...and you're making sweet memories with Lucy! You're a 5-star Dad!!

  4. Vic!! It's so fun to see an entry from you on the ol' blog! And, what a wonderful one at that! Lucy is one lucky ladie!

  5. Vic, you are a great man. Molly hit the jack pot with you. I am sure Lucy will have very fond memories of this time with you even though she is young. It is so fun to read about your time together.


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