The Great Debate

By Vic - 11:36 AM

Can this possibly be true? I tried it several different times with different photo combinations and each time it came up 50/50! I know it's not an exact science...but come on now! I swear that Lucy is at least 70% Victor. What say you??

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5 Loving Lines

  1. Cute! I love the meter. Too bad it isn't correct. Lucy looks 90% like Vic and has 90% of Molly's personality.

  2. I agree with the larson's comment--totally Vic's looks & absolutely YOUR spunk (not to say Vic isn't spunky...) ;)

  3. Nice layout girl. I just finally changed mine too. Actually yours looks familiar - did we use the same person's templates?

  4. Molly, I love how your blog looks. I keep changing ours trying to find just the right one. I haven't found anything I am totally happy with. I liked the Larson family comment. It is amazing though how much personality and expression can translate into looks because I always see you in LUCY.