Double Date

Monday, August 13, 2007
Vic and I enjoyed a fabulous evening out with some long time college performer friends to see the movie Bourne Ultimatum. We are huge fans of the entire series (Vic has read the books, which he says are much different from the movies). And as most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Matt Damon. It was a great flick--but I must forewarn anyone who wants to see it, that you need to sit as far back in the theatre as possible. This movie has a ton of action and the camera work they used is very tipsy...kind of like watching a home movie. And even though we were quite far back in the theatre, I was literally sick to my stomach part way through the film. Vic and I started to wonder if it was the BLT's we had eaten for dinner. But feeling queasy didn't stop me from enjoying my favorite actor and an excellent movie. Next up: Hairspray. As soon as we can find time in our busy schedule and a sitter for Lucy.

Below is a photo of my friend Justin Smith (who came to the movie with us)--a member of the cheesy (sorry man, but it's true), talented, Christian-pop boy band Jericho Road. Justin is the one in the far back. His wife Christie is a doll. We had a great time whispering during the movie, eating ColdStone ice-cream afterwards, and chit-chatting about jobs and life and our cute little kids! They have a boy named Kai, who is a few months older than Lucy. Justin gave us tips on how to be a "firm" parent with a toddler. Vic just looked at him and said, "Yeah, try doing that when you have a little baby girl." -Vic is a total softy.


  1. no way, i remember justin! he was a great guy. i, too, totally love the bourne movies. you're like the millionth person who i've heard say this new movie is fantastic... hopefully, one of these days i'll be able to get away from my kids and go see it. :)

  2. We also love the Bourne movies & are excited to see the Ultimatum when Trevor gets back (this weekend!)--I thought that pic you added of Matt Damon was funny cuz it resembles your HUSBAND! (dontchya think??)

  3. You have such a cute blog Molly. I am glad we got together this weekend. We need to do that more often.

  4. Chris and I went to that movie on Saturday with friends, and we loved the movie. We took your advice and sat way back and as long as I focused on a center point (like Matt) I was fine. I agree with Vic about the books. Its like enjoying two different stories-both great!
    Jenny (p.s. updates are forthcoming)

  5. Jason and I went and saw the movie. And I know why Matt Damon is one of your favorites... he likes like Vic! Jason and I were both talking about that on the way home from seeing the movie in the 3rd row!!! Still a good movie, even up close- you just burn more calories moving your head all over and trying to watch everything!


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