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Monday, July 30, 2007

At the subscriber's request, I have posted photos of my new haircut. And I am open to all opinions, critiques, complaints, and suggestions.

I have my brother's camera for the week! I am trying to snag as many photos as possible while it's in my possession. Here's a few of our little princess. Does anyone else think that perhaps she inherited the Jackson Family horse teeth??

Are you kidding me? Does anyone else know of a baby with enough hair to french braid? I was able to do this while she was engrossed in Sesame Street. It's insane and beautiful!

And here's my bro. Taylor and his bride-to-be! The engagement photos turned out quite nicely. Here's just a sneak peek at a few of my favorites. The big day is September 9th.


  1. Molly -You look gorgeous! I love the new hair style and Lucy's coiffed curls as well. I have never seen a baby with so much hair (and I'm a little jealous)! Jenny

  2. Love it Molly! You look very sophisticated, as always. Lucy looks so grown up with those teeth! Can't wait to see you guys in October.

  3. congrats to taylor & bride-to-be. Your hair looks hot & Lucy's hair is just AMAzING she needs to be a baby model. ANd i don't know if the jackson teeth are really 'horse teeth' more like 'healthy teeth'..:) makes for a great smile!

  4. um molly... you are totally hot! ow!

  5. MOLLY I really really like your new haircut. So I went in the bathroom and tried to mine...and frankly, no matter what, I still looked like me, not you. You are the cutest. the unabash-ed-est. OK, Lucy is pretty cute too, but I am not convinced those are Jackson teeth yet. IN DUE TIME>>>>
    and by the way, Jackson Teeth are Healthy teeth, its a HUGE BLESSING!

  6. Molly!
    Way cute hair! I am too scared to ever go short. I have horse hair (speaking of horse features), and I doubt I would ever get it to lay down.
    I am so excited for you and your musical too! It really is great that you are using your talents. Unfortunately, I rarely ever get to do anything along those lines. Texas just doesn't lend itself so easily to those least not for me. So I am thrilled for you! Keep up all the good work!
    Tell Taylor congrats on his wedding! That is great! My favorite pic is the one in front of the water! His fiance looks like a doll!


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