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Thursday, July 26, 2007

OK people. Our camera is broken. I have been unable to "photo document" our lives for the past two months and I'm so bummed about it. I left the camera in the diaper bag and spilled liquid is entirely to blame for the breakage. Which leaves me in a quandary: what do I blog about without having photos to help me out? I've never (in my few months of blogging) been one to blog about nothing. Any ideas? I have been "tagged" a few times, but I fear that answering those questions (tagging is like virtual info. tag. You have to answer questions about yourself on your blog for people to learn more about you) is a little narcissistic . Do people really want to read about me? Or would I just be doing it because I like to write about myself and hope that people think I'm cool? I don't know.

I'll give you a few quick updates and then tag myself into narcissism heaven. How's that?

-Lucy is hilarious. She is turning into a toddler and screaming when she doesn't get her way. Look out! Her latest discovery is dance. She twirls in circles and bounces up and down when music comes on.

-Vic is losing weight. Three people have now commented on how thin he is looking. You see, I threatened to leave him if he didn't lose weight because Matt Damon is so tempting. Actually, I think it's just because he is working a lot and usually doesn't eat lunch. Either way...he's looking GOOD! (not that he really needed to lose weight..)

-I'm auditioning for Peter Pan in a few weeks. And when I say Peter Pan, I mean the production as well as the part. The part of Peter has traditionally been cast as a women (Cathy Rigby). Now that breastfeeding has shriveled my breasts like tea bags, I should be able to strap the little ladies down quite nicely and pass for a little lad. We shall see. I'll let you know what happens.

-Our condo is up for sale. We've had quite a few people come through and take a look. No offers yet, but we're not in a huge hurry. We'd like to be in a home in Salt Lake by November. We've had a lot of fun looking at homes but don't want to make an offer until we get our condo under contract. We'll have much more room for visitors!

Well, folks. I think that's it for now. And now for the 20 questions: (not really)

places I've worked
1-Division of Arts Production (BYU)
2-The GAP
3-Personal Assistant to Gabe Kaplan (Welcome Back, Kotter)
4-Unit Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake

movies I can watch over and over
1-Waiting for Guffman
4-I'm not a big movie person so now I'm just making things up

places I've lived
2-Los Angeles, CA
3-Park City, UT
4-Jacksonville, FL

favorite tv shows
1-Arrested Development
2-American idol
3-The Office

places I've been
4-48 of the 50 states

favorite foods
2-Sauteed Asparagus
4-Anything my mom makes

majors I've considered
1-Public Relations
3-Dance Education
4-Exercise Science

places I'd rather be
2-Anywhere in Europe
3-Boston...hanging out with Matt Damon
4-Somewhere tropical (California, Mexico, Hawaii)

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:
1-Small town wrestler...not my type
2-That guy is totally checking me out
3-OH...he just graduated from law school? Maybe I could flirt a little
4-Nice, genuine, sweet...and handsome enough


  1. you are cracking me up! goodluck with peter pan, yay for toddler lucy, congrats to vic on the losing weight (not that he needed it, as you pointed out), i hope your condo sales prontinho & yay for house hunting! we house hunt every where we go just for fun...HA! but you're doing it for real--that's even MORE fun!

  2. So, if the camera's broken, where did that picture come from??? Pretty good sketch or oil paint...

    A healthy dose of narcissism is a good thing once on a while. We love you guys.

  3. I WANT A COPY OF THIS PHOTO! It's adorable and completely captures your contagious personality! I LOVE IT!

  4. PS- I can totally attest to the validity of Molly's first thoughts when she met Vic. I was there... in bed... asleep, but not for long... when Molly came home and jumped on my bed telling me all about their first date.

    Those were the days.

  5. Vic as a small town wrestler huh. I'm pretty sure Rexburg is as small as it gets. Nice try


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