4th Festivities and So On...

Sunday, July 8, 2007
Due to some extremely crappy "rechargeable" batteries, we are low on photos this month. You might have to settle for an oh-so boring picture-less blog post folks. Deal with it.

The fourth of July was....fun? I guess. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of this country and all--You could make a sure bet that you'd catch me crying when the flag goes past in a parade or the national anthem is sung. HOWEVER, when your THIRD of July is spent sleepless, restless, and in dread of the following morning's vocal performance you have to put on at 7 a.m.---your fourth of July becomes less than desirable. And so it was. Here's the dill--(yes, I did that on purpose. I enjoy saying words w/ Utah accents, or in just plain silly ways. Like when people say, "Could you be a little more pacific?--instead of specific. It hurts me. It also makes me laugh. I've taken to this word so much, that you can rarely catch me using the real world-- specific). And so it is with dill/deal. What's the dill? My sister will understand...) Anywhoo---the dill is that my father, whom I love, somewhat begged me to sing with him at his ward breakfast. I don't sleep well. Paul, Kristyn, Peggy, Joy, Mom, Dad, etc---you can all attest to this. I AM A HIGH MAINTENANCE SLEEPER. That being said, we decided that sleeping at my parents in SLC would be a good idea since I had to get up and sing so early in the morning (another nightmare for a singer...Who's voice is warmed up that early in the morning?) I digress. (as Jen likes to often say). Lucy isn't too hip on sleeping somewhere other than her crib, I might add. This is how it went down--Lucy finally falls asleep around 11 p.m. I have taken a sleeping pill but am still lying awake at 11:45. I'm starting to nod off just past midnight and I hear THE LOUDEST, most shrill, most alarming sound you can think of --- the telephone. Picture this, and picture it well--because it happened. I jump to my feet, mostly blind without my glasses on, stumble towards the sound of the phone. I finally find where this bloody noise that woke me up is coming from and pull it out from the wall. I then proceed to grab the receiver and repeatedly SLAM it down. A phone hammer, if you will. My blood is boiling just thinking about it now. I then kicked the phone under the bed, let out a few good words, crawled under the bed and grabbed the beast again, and just for good measure, gave it a few more pounds into the ground. Estimated time of falling asleep that night: 3 a.m. Wake time: 6 a.m. Mood the following morning: take a guess. Amount of will power it took to look like I was enjoying singing at 7 a.m. : A LOT. How much does my dad owe me?: I guess he doesn't owe me anything since I'm his daughter and that's what families do for each other and he has given me lots of money and food and stuff in my lifetime.

And there you have it. But wait--who called after midnight? What was so important? Was there an emergency? Why, YES! My parents' garage door was opened and their neighbors just had to call and tell them. Were they worried for their safety? Were they calling out of care and concern? NO, I say. My parents live in a "Senior Community." These people are nuts. They have nothing better to do than stick their noses in everyone's business. "They" have knocked on my parents door during the middle of the day (dad was home on his lunch break) to tell them their garage door was opened---against HOA rules, they said. In a nutshell: they think it looks bad. They recently paid to have the CEMENT cleaned and re-done because it had a few spots on it. (we're talking regular wear and tear...from walking on it. OLD people walking on it. In their clean keds and wheel chairs). It's insane. When I found out that this is why I was awakened-----ooooohhh. I was IRATE. Like my mom said, "If someone comes into my house through the garage and slits my throat...that's MY problem." AUGH! When I told Vic about this he decided it would be a good idea to dress up in his suit, knock on their door, and spew out some legal jargen.

So now we reach the start of my day. I sang. It's over with. I joined Vic in Park City for the parade (he had been there since 6 a.m. helping to cook over 200 dozen eggs for the city breakfast). It was hot. The parade was fun. Lucy was super fussy. And now we get to the good part--we came home and Lucy took a four hour nap. I caught about 2 hours, and Vic about 3. Halalujah.

Later, we put on the roller blades and got out the jogger stroller and bladed to the Park City golf course where we continued to chase Lucy around and tried to keep her entertained while we waited for the fireworks to start. We made it. We survived. It was nice. Happy Birthday America. The End.


  1. haha! great story. at least we've all learned something here. do not be a really annoying, nosy, OCD old person. :)

  2. enjoyed reading & imagining your eventful 4th!

  3. That's crazy that you lived with Elizabeth! I haven't seen her for years! Thanks for reading my blog. It's good to know someone is actually looking at it:)

  4. Molly, Molly...I would pay good money to see you attack a phone. That's awesome you didn't even attempt to answer it...just started right in on destroying the beast!!! Good for you. I always wondered how girls could be so free of testosterone. I too enjoy beating the "heck" out of things now and then! :)
    Hope your next 4th brings you much more sleep!

  5. Ummm...like the time we went at each other with boxing gloves on mini-tour...remember? You kicked my butt! I do have to warn you that I am much stronger and in better shape these days. Let's go at it again sometime!

  6. MOLLY...How the heck (there is some utah jargon for ya)are you? Im so syched you found my blog. It was a pleasant surprise...thanks for leaving a note. I miss doing your hair and Park City, are you still going to Red Rock?
    Your blog is super fun, Lucy is getting so big and beautiful I love all the photos of her. Good to hear the update of your lifes...Keep it up I will be stopping by to say hi.


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