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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Well, we did it. We made it through three years of marriage without killing each other... Or running away. To celebrate our great accomplishment, we headed to the ultimate honeymoon/anniversary destination...Manti, Utah. What? A small desert town in the middle of nowhere where everyone drives souped up pick-up trucks and four wheelers doesn't sound romantic to you? I didn't sound that exciting to me either. But ya know what? We had a hell of a time!

We kicked things off by dropping Lucy off at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's place---"So long Suckah!" (Actually, I was pretty sad to leave her at the screen door as she waved and half smiled at us. Confused about what was going on) Then we started our hour plus drive south. The sun was beginning to set and the drive was beautiful. We enjoyed chatting and reading a few issues of "Cottage Living" magazine, talking about our dream home. We arrived in Manti at dusk just in time to catch a picture perfect scene as the temple lights came on. It is a beauty, I must say. After checking into the B&B, we toyed with the idea of going on a late night walk, but opted for an early night in. We then proceeded to pick our noses and watch T.V. all night---no funny business.

The next morning we had a delightful breakfast, after which we took a long nap. Heavenly. We finally headed to the temple around noon where we did sealings in a beautiful room adjacent to the Celestial Room. It was just the two of us (along with the temple workers) and it was special to be able to remember our wedding day and the promises we made to each other. After leaving the temple we spotted a little diner with a huge smoker out front (not a human smoker...not a human who is smoking, nor a smoker that smokes humans)--a meat smoker. You know---BRISKET!! The photo below describes how good it was:

This photo isn't too shabby, eh? (thanks to Molly) This temple is just exquisite inside.

After the temple and lunch, we attended the muscle car show at the park. It was hilarious. The band that was playing were trying so hard...but their pitch was quite off. The cars were pretty cool--but the locals were more interesting than the cars. That's all I'll say. We then headed out to Palisades State Park to go swimming. It was a warm day, but the water in the lake was still pretty cold. There were families wading and fishing on the sides of the lake, but Vic and I were the only ones brave enough to completely immerse ourselves. We decided to swim to the dock, about 1/3 mile away. I was worried I wouldn't have the strength, but Vic kept me calm in the cold water and I spent a lot of time on my back, slowly making it closer to the dock. At one point we decided to get a little crazy and we skinny dipped part of the way! (should I be writing that on a publicly viewed blog?) It was so invigorating and freeing! Two guys in a canoe headed our way and I panicked in getting my suit back on. Luckily, there was no incident and not even a close encounter, as they turned and headed a different direction before getting to close. We finally made it to the dock and collapsed whiled we soaked up the sun. I love that feeling of physically working hard and accomplishing your goal. Swimming is a great workout.

We headed back to pick up our sweet little Lucy and slept like babies when we made it home. I think we'll make it one more murder-free year. I love you, Vic!

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  1. Congrats on 3 years!!! WOO HOO! Sounds like a really romantic getaway you enjoyed!


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