My Two Dads

Sunday, June 17, 2007
An Ode to The Two Fathers in My Life

This is my dad--Russell Edward Bice. He has been my father for 29 years...and will continue to be my dad for the rest of his existence---from now until eternity. Whoa. What a fun job. I wonder what it's like being my dad? Being his daughter is wonderful.
A few things I love about him:

1) He taught me how to tap dance on our hardwood kitchen floor after Sunday dinners
2) He instilled in me a love for musical theatre and we were able to travel the country and abroad performing together with some of our favorite people.
3) He has a fantastic sense of humor
4) He comes up with the best concoctions in the kitchen (all low-sugar, high-protein, high-fat of course)
5) He is very talented. Have you ever seen him play the drums? I just think it is so cool! And he used to be in a pretty hip band. (actually, he was in a few-) I love listening to their 8 tracks.
6) He is sensitive and sweet
7) He takes teasing from our family very very well (The Butt-less Wonder, etc.)
8) He has a very strong spirit and has overcome tremendous hurdles in his life
9) He loves me unconditionally
10) He loves his Heavenly Father


To the other father in my life,

You are Victor Michael Jackson (you already know that). You are the father of our daughter, Lucy. You are a pillar of strength in our home. You are smart, sensitive, funny, kind, thoughtful, loving, hard-working, talented, HANDSOME, and the best dad that Lucy has ever had. (hee-hee) I thought I married a wonderful man---and then I saw you as a father---and I realized I married an exceptional man. Lucy is so blessed to have you as her daddy. She adores you. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing the sound of her laughter as you play together. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing you in awe of her as she lays in your arms. I hope this Father's Day was special for you. I hope you know what a wonderful father you are and how much eternal good you do by being the kind of father that you are. I love you!

A few fun facts about Vic:

1) He LOVES peanut butter
2) He is a die hard Republican (this may not be so much a "fun fact". Just more of a plain old "fact". This has been the source of much contention in our marriage!) Fox News and conservative talk radio have never had a more devoted fan. (Mom: if you're reading this, please don't disown him as a son-in-law)
3) He LOVES to read. He is always reading something! Every time he finishes a book I think, "I can't wait to have my husband back now. " And then he starts right in on another. It fools me every time.
4) He speaks and reads Spanish very, very well and loves the Hispanic culture...especially the food.
5) He treats children with respect. He feels it is very important for them to feel like validated individuals. He takes time with them. He talks with them and plays with them. Kids love him.
6) He is a man of his word. If he commits to something--he follows through with it. He is very responsible in this way. He has helped me to try to do the same.
7) He's not afraid of trying new things. He was even in The Wizard of Oz with me right after we were married. Green tights and all! He caught the theatre bug (albeit it was the "working back stage, techy nerd" bug...)
8) For as serious and analytical and intelligent as he is---he does get crazy silly sometimes and I love it! For example: he'll get slap happy silly with Lucy and start dancing around the house. Ummm....I've never seen anyone with a lack of rhythm and coordination look so cute.
9) He loves his family---all 89 of them. Or however many there are. He has a LARGE family. He can't get enough of his nieces and nephews.
10) He is so committed to the church. You can tell by the way he lives his day-to-day life that he believes in God and wants to be like the Savior.

Bonus: He loves picking his nose in bed at night.
Double Bonus: He cleans the bathroom (toilet, shower, and all) til' it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!
Daily Double: Who can tell me his favorite author?


  1. who is Orson Scott Card? or is it any author of the book of mormon? Vic is great! I love your tributes Molly.

  2. Yes! You are the winner. It is Orson Scott Card. When do we get to see you guys again???? Mis YOu!

  3. Sweet honors for both Dad's in your world. Yay for Father's Day!


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