Lucy Turns One!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I can't believe it...and neither could she. Though for different reasons. I couldn't believe that she has been with us for one year! And Lucy couldn't believe that she got so many colorful balloons to play with and sugary cake with which to stuff her face. She was in heaven, to say the least.

This update is a few weeks overdue, but I was waiting to get photos from Lucy's publicist. (Grandpa Jackson). On June 11th, we celebrated Lucy's first year of life, and our first year of parenthood. What a joy. I was nearly in tears all day with gratitude for this little bundle of cuteness that is in our home. She truly is the light of our lives. The name "Lucy" is so fitting for her--as it means "light". HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE LUCY GIRL--WE LOVE YOU!

She was so excited about her balloons that she had to have them near her at all times. We placed them in the corner of her room when we put her to bed and we could hear her talking to them as she fell asleep, "Oooohhh, Aaawe..blah, blah, boo blah blah." Hilarious.

A list of the party goers: Just for the record
Grandma and Grandpa Bice
Grandma and Grandpa Jackson
Suzie, Sydney, and Katie Datzman
Debbie and A.J. Flint
Laurie Smith (our wonderful neighbor upstairs)
John, Anna, and Ellie Evanson
Angela Parenti (another upstairs neighbor)

What Lucy has learned to do this first year of her life:
-how to smile
-how to eat
-how to crawl
-how to walk
-how to brush mamma's hair
-how to push a stroller
-how to drink from a bottle and a cup
-how to dance
-how to bite
-how to play peek-a-boo
-how to jump in a johnny jumper
-how to feed myself
-how to play with toys
-how to go to sleep on my own and sleep through the night
-how to flirt

What an incredible year! We can't wait to see what the next year brings. Thank you to everyone who made her first year of life such a wonderful one. Lucy and Molly wouldn't have made it without the amazing support and love from family and friends.


  1. I swear I'll change my title so you can switch yours back. I just can't think of anything/keep forgetting.

    Great photos of the partay. Wish we could have been there! That year has flown by incredibly fast!

  2. Where are the obligatory cake all over the face pictures?? I love those!! She's probably way too cute for cake all over the face!! Congrats!!

  3. I'm amazed...but she's a relatively "clean" eater! I was hoping for more mess myself!

  4. Awesome pics--Lucy as always is so cute! She looks so knowing in those pics like "I know that I am so cute and these balloons are definitely for me"--Happy 1st year as parents to you two, and happy 1st year of life to Lucy!

  5. It is obvious that Molly is a wonderful wife and mother. I love to read our blog [she does all the posts - at least so far]. And I have to say that Lucy knows how to get what she wants because she figured out how to get her "direct" her Dad in any endeavor. He's a sucker.

  6. what a cutie! i love it how they get so excited over things like balloons and cupcakes. what a simple wonderful world! :)

  7. How fun are girls! The first year flies by! My little one will have her first b-day next month! I can't believe it.

  8. MOLLY! i love you. i'm super busy this morning but i am going to get back to you this afternoon.

    CUTE FAMILY! I think Lucy inherited some Bice genes!!! That little apple fell right by the tree!


  9. your little girl is sooooo cute!!!! I'm so glad you said hi! xoxo


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