Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby Face

I've been a little frustrated with my skin lately... So I busted out my Burt's Bees French Clay mask the other day and slathered up. I couldn't resist taking a photo of Lucy's reaction when she saw me. I'm laughing out loud about it as we speak.

Poor baby.


  1. Her face is classic. Yours too, by the way. :) And I noticed you got a link list, you are quite the established and sophisticated blogger now.

  2. Why, thank you. I still haven't come up with a new name for our blog so that we don't have to be twinners. Hmmm....any ideas? Lucy got her one year shots today and has been sleeping for over three hours! I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like I'm just wasting time looking at blogs and stuff! I totally copied Summer's blog with my blog links (Jazzy Jacksons, Beautiful Bean, etc.) Hee-hee. I feel like such a spy when I look at other peoples' blogs. I'm starting to get "blog anxiety"...thinking that I have to make my blog cooler or more interesting or something. Hilarious. Umm...can you tell that I need adult conversation here?

  3. I love checking out people's blogs too--I feel though I can never reach your wit, kristyn's cool, or jen's fabulous blog skillz--so I just do the best I can w/my 'photo-journal-blog'...ha! I love this post with Lucy's reaction. Poor thing!

  4. Mol, how did you know I was going to Ca? You should just hop in my suitcase and fly with me. You want a break from Park City? And Paul rolls his eyes every time he sees me on the computer - "blog stalking" is what we termed it. I'm out of control. AND, I am the one that needs to change my title. Obviously not done yet. It's been on my things to do list for a bit now. Will get to it hopefully soon.

  5. haha! poor thing! that's totally classic. :)


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