Moose on the Loose!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So I'm sitting on my couch getting ready for American Idol, and I see something out my window. I quickly jump to my feet fearing that it might be someone taking off with Lucy's jogger stroller which I left outside. (I've left it out several times and it's always been safe in our condo complex). But this time I could tell something was different. Low and was a moose playing with the stroller!!!!!!!! I totally screamed with excitment and fear. And then I got my camera. It wandered through the grounds of our condo complex and then out onto the road. It was amazing! I was pretty close to it at times and started to get a little scared. My neighbors were trying to "shoo" it back to the mountains behind our house. Good luck. At one point he started running toward someone and we all took off in the other direction. Luckily, it was just going for a short trot and we were all safe. We really do live up in the mountains here.

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