Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Mother's Day...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Memorial Day Weekend
Lucy's first wagon ride at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's house. She looooved it.

Another Memorial Day activity we enjoyed was driving to Henefer, Utah (don't worry, I had never heard of it either) to visit the grave of my great-great grandfather Charles Richins. He was one of the original settler's of the town--along with his three wives. We discovered that he isn't actually buried there, but there is a memorial for him. His actual grave is in Mexico where he went later in life to settle the Mormon colonies. Mexico is where my grandmother, Agnes Richins was born. We had a neat experience talking with everyone at the cemetery. Apparently the Richins family is still thriving in Henefer and most everyone we talked to were decedents of one wife or another. So basically I was meeting distant cousins. I felt the spirit very strongly and it made me anxious to delve into more family history work. I'm glad we made the drive. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it was quite pleasant to drive through the small town and see family's "porchn' it" (as my dad said). We kept joking that they were poor un porchin' it souls. We took the scenic route through East Canyon on the way home and saw a few deer on the road. Lucy went nuts, of course. That girl loves animals.

Lucy and I at the Memorial site of Charles Richins. Agnes Bice's grandfather.

Mother's Day
For Mother's Day this year I took my mom to the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake for High Tea. We had a marvelous time! You get to sit in this elegant dining room and listen to a live harpist while looking out huge windows at a gorgeous fountain. The food was to die for. Everything was done with such class--and just like the Brits. Little delicate finger sandwiches, real China dishes, crackers, cheese, fruit...it was divine. We had great conversation and soaked in the atmosphere. It was the perfect Mother's Day afternoon. I love you, Mom!

Flowering Chinese Tea.

Our fruit and cheese plate.

Easter Sunday

Lucy and cousin Bailey in their pretty Easter dresses. We had a delicious dinner at Molly's parents house and the girls went wild over Truman. Lucy's darling dress was given to her by our good friend Rochelle Richardson (Terry). Doesn't she look adorable??? Thanks, Aunt Rochelle!


  1. I love your blog! Lucy is adorable, as always. Keep updating. I need to get to mine. You are inspiring me.

  2. Thanks, Ame. Vic says it is too busy...but whatevs. I need to post more photos from your vist. But I'm telling you---all the photos of me are hideous. My nose is so BIG! As soon as our ship comes in I am seriously thinking of getting a nose job. Now my face is breaking out like crazy and I need to do something with my hair. Any skin and hair suggestions?

  3. love your posts (& tell Vic isn't not "too busy")--the easter sunday princess is a DOLL---your Memorial Day looks so cool (we also visited some graves: i love cemetaries!) & Mother's Day--what a posh outing! Very fun!

  4. I want to go to high tea soooooo badly! I'm SO jealous.


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