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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another highlight after Lucy's birth was our trip to Boston to visit Uncle Bice and Auntie Marie. Lucy was 3 months old and I was a bit nervous to leave the homefront and 8 days without daddy was difficult (he cried when we reunited at the airport..I love that!), but we had oodles of fun and fared quite well without our daddykins.

My brother, Nathan, aka Uncle Bice, is a gourmet chef/recording engineer/musician and lives in the heart of Cambridge. Thus, I was privy to delectable eateries, walks and runs in Harvard square with Autumn leaves falling, a recording session to create Little Lucy's Lullabies, and many other exquisite delights.

Recording for my booger baby after a refreshing run around Cambridge. Nothing like listening to Billy Holliday on your ipod while running through Harvard Square. The CD turned out quite nicely. For Christmas I used Windows Movie Maker to create a DVD for my family with photos of Lucy and used my lullaby cd as the background music. Darling. If I do say so myself.

Are you kidding me? It doesn't get any cuter than this. Uncle Bice wanted to make Lucy Lou look a little more like one of the family, so he bought her some baby tattoos after eating out in New Hampshire. I guess this goes right along with the gang signs she flashed at birth.

Marie and I on a hike behind her alma matter (again, I can't remember the name of her high school...but it's some fancy schmancy private school where Pres. Bush and several others attended. It pretty much looks like an Ivy League college campus)

This photo was taken as the sun was setting in a picturesque coastal town in Maine. (can't remember the name of it). This place was filled with charming Martha Stewart cottages, boutique shops, Farmer's Markets, fresh fish, people on bicycles....remind me of why I live in Utah???

Bice's tooth was killing him for a few days and he finally decided to get things checked out. As you can probably guess, he ended up having to get a few wisdom teeth out. This photo is classic. Little Luce Dog looks so frightened of her Uncle. He was saying the funniest things when he woke up and the gas was wearing off. Poor guy. I never thought I'd spend time on my vacation hanging out for a few hour in a dental office--but it was great fun to see the nurses ooh and ahh over Lucy. I must say, she is quite the looker.

Auntie Marie and Bice---This photo was taken in Maine at a charming apple orchard. We picked bag loads of delicious, fresh apples. (Although, they were out of Honeycrisp, Marie's favorite). We also toured their little petting zoo and inhaled our fair share of manure aroma. To top off the pleasant afternoon, we enjoyed fresh cider doughnuts and hot apple cider. I love New England.


  1. what a fun time you had in boston! It made me excited to go back...such a fun place. Looks like you guys did alot in your visit, and as always you look awesome & Lucy is a doll! The tattoo shot cracked me up, and I want to hear your lullabies!-shara

  2. Ian NEEEEEEEEEEEEDS one of those tatoos


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