Lucia, Lucia

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Our daughter Lucy inspired us to begin a blog. Although she can't talk, her very presence demands that the joy she brings into our lives be shared.

We have been learning and growing a lot these past few months. We learned how to build a new home--everything from picking out the carpet to the cupboard knobs, and then we had to learn how to let it go. We learned how to balance the dynamic of a new little spirit coming into our home and now we can't imagine life without her. We've learned that learning can be painful, but it makes us better people.

Spring is finally peeking its head around the corner in Park City and giving us hope. We want to believe that it's really here, now that it's March, but we shouldn't count on anything permanent until May. What we need is a vacation to Mexico! Or anywhere warm and filled with sunshine. Park City is a great place to live, but after a while, the winter months begin to wear on us.

Next month we are heading to Washington, D.C. so let's hope Spring is in full bloom when we arrive. Vic has his oral assessment with the Foreign Service April 16th. It will be fun to visit Molly's birthplace as a family and we're most excited about the cherry blossoms being in bloom.

Molly recently turned 29, and as usual, was sick on her birthday. But despite feeling under the weather, we still managed to go sledding and enjoy a birthday bash, thrown by Molly's old college friend Soquel. It was great to see old friends and even some family (Vic's cousin Shirley and her twins). Vic also took me on a birthday date the night before to see Dreamgirls and enjoy a nice dinner, complete with a DairyQueen blizzard for dessert. ("There's always a place for me a the D.Q")

Molly is enjoying her theatre class that she teaches and Vic just joined Park City Toastmaster's and realizes he should have joined a year ago, as he is really liking it. Molly also just got her first voice student and has officially launched Jackson Vocal Studio. Lucy is trying so hard to walk, loves to laugh, and most of all, loves to put anything and everything into her mouth. She still has no teeth at nine months old, but her toothless grin is infectious.


  1. I am so excited you started a blog! Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. Hooray! I will put up a link to your blog on mine!

    By the way - your baby is SOOOO cute!

  2. More photos please. Lucia's grandfather needs more photos. At least I get to see her in person fairly often (but not often enough). How I love this "Park City Family o' Fun".


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